Saturday, 7 July 2018

Interpretation systems

Interpretation systems are popular all over the world for simultaneous interpretation and hearing support. Infrared technology is used for this purpose. These are professional equipment and only a few manufacturers get the technology right.

For any international meeting, simultaneous interpretation is a must. Infrared wireless transmission makes a better alternative than standard hard-wired systems. The former is secure and transmitted information is kept confidential. This is as the infrared light is confined within that specific meeting room. The proceedings cannot be heard by anyone outside the room. This permits systems being used in adjacent rooms to be perfect without crashing into one another. Since the receivers are wireless, participants get the coveted freedom of movement.

Most manufacturers sell infrared analog systems in both digital and analog technologies. The analog permits four channels. The digital permits 32 channels. These can also be used to help people hard of hearing. Infrared systems ensure that every speaker can be understood. Conference participants can hear and then follow every word from their respective interpreters. Receivers are generally sold in two models: bodypack receivers and stethoset receivers. The stethoset blend both receiver and headphone in a single unit. Bodypack receivers are handheld or work in a shirt pocket or even around one's neck.

Business and cultural sensitivity

Globalization has influenced the manner we do business, do work, and negotiate our dealings. It helped many large companies that are multi-nationals. Their employees are spread across the world. Even smaller companies have outsourced their jobs. This cross-cultural context means it is important to treat everyone with sensitivity. It should be kept in mind that people of different nationalities do not communicate the same way.

Lack of cultural sensitivity may lead to business failure. Outsourcing tasks mean collaboration between the on-shore and off-shore teams. A number of factors like time zones, human capital, and travel ease come into play. This can be tricky as one team could interact with different teams from different cultures. To give an example, American employees could interact with Indian and Chinese partners.

Understanding a different culture will also help to get a better expectation of productivity and commitment to work. For example, it is not uncommon for many Southern Europeans to have a snooze while at work. This may last from an hour to two hours. It is vital to pay a close attention to cultural nuances. This could make a difference between success and failure in many countries. Better business is a surety if you understand the culture you are doing business with.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Typesetting Bilingual Books

A bilingual book is printed in two languages. One language is printed on the left-hand page and the corresponding translated text on the immediate right-hand page. One language is usually 30 percent longer than the other.

To make these books readable, different printers typeset the fonts differently. The easiest way to differentiate is to do it with color. The result is visually stunning. This strategy, however, falls short if using color is not an option. Other than different ink pigments, one can use varied positioning for type area. The eye of the reader will know where to begin reading. This procedure cannot work if there is a requirement to save space.

Another solution is to sit one text on another. This can be the hardest as you must find the same baseline for the two different fonts. Use Serif and Sans versions of the same family. Doing this will maintain similar contrast. Do not use dissimilar weights.

Yet another method is the use of italics. The principal language should be bigger and on top. The secondary language should be in italic. The best method to choose this is to look at similar projects or client booklets. 

Maintaining Integrity In Online Tests

Crafting an online quiz could be a tough task. Rigid tests like disallowing students to review their own answers could hinder learning and may actually be counter-productive. It is important to know the goals of the quiz prior to making its structure. It is hard to make sure that students do not cheat during the examination. Criminal activities can, however, be curtailed with a little effort. It follows that quiz settings must be thoroughly reviewed. One way is to jumble the order so that different students get the same question paper-but the questions are in a different order.

Other than questions, you can shuffle the answers as well. Randomize both questions and answers. Choosing the only answer shuffle option will shuffle answers but the questions will come in the same order to all students. A time limit is another option to minimize cheating. This restricts the quantity of time a student enjoys for each question. The time could vary as per the complexity of the question. It is to be kept in mind that giving excess time will enable students to consult each other. They may also share answers. You can allow multiple attempts on the same question or once only. 

Monday, 25 June 2018

Transcription general rules

Transcription is hard work. It is a good idea to consult an expert before one starts to transcribe. It is important to apply the correct technical codes. This will reduce the frequency of changes or corrections which may be needed later on. It is to be noted a single transcription work could have multiple sources. If the number of sources is more then two, then it is a good idea to maintain a database. This would assist to maintain due control of the content in question. Whatever happens, the raw files must be kept in a separate back-up to solve any future problems which may crop up.

In case, a certain portion of the proffered information cannot be understood, it is advisable to insert special codes inside the transcript. This will help later on to do the computer search. The material can be reviewed when it is needed to do so. A preliminary review is a must before the transcription document is submitted to the client. Since all jobs of this kind are now done in a computer, editing features should be turned off during work. This ensures the accuracy of the work done. A non-proportional font should be used to do the task.

Group learning challenges

It is an unfortunate truth that in a group learning class, many participants tend to learn less of the language being taught. This is due to lack of coordination, intellect, and sometimes motivation. For the people teaching a language, the list of problems include time allocation and the teaching process skills. It is important to assess not only the outcome but also the process. Alongside the group, the individual assessment must also be done.

For students, coordination can be a real pain. It takes a lot of energy and time for group work compared to individual work. Learning a new language in a group means coordinating schedules, arranging meets, and do the requisite correspondence. Decisions, when made, must be done collectively. The learning progress of every group member must be included. Task interdependence rears its head in this regard. Since language is best learned when members talk to each other, the students are actually dependent on one another. This remains true even if they do not share a common collaborative goal. Another source of the problem is the diversity of the group. Language learning becomes harder if there are cultural differences to cross. From another angle, this could be a boon as well.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Preparing A Room For Voiceover

Poor audio quality can kill a slickly finished video. Viewers or listeners will find such a result extremely unprofessional. They may not understand what was said in the recording. It follows that the sound quality should be the best possible.

Since outside sound can interfere with the audio quality, external sound waves must be stopped from entering the record room. To do this, the room should be encased in dense materials. Ideally, this should be done during the building construction stage. If this is not possible, there are a couple of other methods which deliver near identical results.

A good voiceover room must not only block outside noise, it must also absorb stray sound waves. The rest should be diffused. Buying a premium quality professional microphone helps. To prepare a premium quality voiceover room, use plaster to cover the walls and not a drywall. There should be no windows in the room. Best places to record sound could be unconventional. To give an example, a walk-in closet makes an excellent audio recording spot. For complete silence, purchase acoustic foam and plaster the voiceover room with it. Put in a few acoustic panels to cover the room corners.