Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Preparing A Room For Voiceover

Poor audio quality can kill a slickly finished video. Viewers or listeners will find such a result extremely unprofessional. They may not understand what was said in the recording. It follows that the sound quality should be the best possible.

Since outside sound can interfere with the audio quality, external sound waves must be stopped from entering the record room. To do this, the room should be encased in dense materials. Ideally, this should be done during the building construction stage. If this is not possible, there are a couple of other methods which deliver near identical results.

A good voiceover room must not only block outside noise, it must also absorb stray sound waves. The rest should be diffused. Buying a premium quality professional microphone helps. To prepare a premium quality voiceover room, use plaster to cover the walls and not a drywall. There should be no windows in the room. Best places to record sound could be unconventional. To give an example, a walk-in closet makes an excellent audio recording spot. For complete silence, purchase acoustic foam and plaster the voiceover room with it. Put in a few acoustic panels to cover the room corners.

Learning a new language while commuting

It is a whole new pleasure to order something in the local language when you travel abroad. Learning a foreign language nowadays is a far cry from the time you were forced to sit in a room with other learners and chant repeatedly the same foreign word. The room and the instruction teacher are now substituted by a smartphone.

Learning a new language through an app is now so easy that you can do it while commuting to work and back. Best of all, the app company offers you rewards when you make progress. If you want a professional certification, the app teaches you the complete syllabus.

Most of these apps break the language into easily digestible chunks. The learner is taken through the basic words, their respective pronunciation, and they test whether you progress by instructing you to speak to the microphone. Learners type in the taught phrases and read new words. Complex words are conveyed via the use of visuals. In short, the app does help you to speak, to read, and to write. A few apps record sentences said by native speakers. These are then conveyed to the learner for contemporary learning.

Monday, 11 June 2018

Top Reasons to Study a Foreign Language While Staying Abroad

Have you ever thought of relocating to a new nation or learning a new language? Check out these reasons to study a new foreign language while staying in a new country:

You get a chance to settle comfortably in a new country

Settling in a new country can be a difficult task. However, it can be rewarding in several ways, particularly when you opt to use the time abroad to pick up a new language. You can enjoy a chain of new experiences, which can expand your comfort zone by experiencing a new nation and culture first-hand. It can also be a great confidence booster.

People can be thoroughly impressed with your skill

It is easy to be somewhat pleasantly surprised whenever one hears somebody conversing in your mother tongue. So, impress the native speakers of a new country by striking a conversation in their mother tongue while you are living in that country.

You can become smarter

When you learn a new language, it is an excellent exercise for your brain. While you have to give some serious efforts, your brain can learn new things much faster. Your memory improves when you learn a new foreign language.

Improvement in employability

Your career can get a completely new direction when you pick up a new language in the new country.

Top Online Corporate Training Errors to Avoid

Prior to designing your future online training courses, check out some of the most common online corporate training errors you need to avoid:

1. Inadequate or no on-the-job examples or scenarios

It is essential to give a clear idea to the learners on how they would use their newly gained skills or information by including real-life examples. The learners should be able to view the practical application of their acquired knowledge, as well as, enjoy a firsthand experience of the benefits of their online training process. If the modules do not have proper real-life examples or on-the-job scenario, the participants will not feel motivated to engage or learn the concepts in the training.

2. The learning goals or objectives are not defined well

Prior to even designing the layout or creating content and developing the structure of an eLearning course, you should have proper clarity on what needs to be accomplished from that corporate training program. If the learning objectives are poorly designed or vague, the deliverables will be disorganized and the training will be ineffective. You need to focus on your target audience as well as their present knowledge level. What should the trainees derive from their online training experience?

Monday, 4 June 2018

Why Starbuck's Corporate Training Program Is So Good?

Who would debate the success of Starbucks? The corporate training program of the company is a major reason for its popularity as a brand. The success of Starbucks can be understood from the fact that the company has added 2 stores every day on an average for the last twenty-seven years. It also spends more on the healthcare of its employees as compared to coffee beans. Starbucks has realized the importance of customer experience from the very beginning. After all, why should a customer pay so much for a cup of coffee without an excellent customer experience?

A new partner is never even given a chance to commit mistakes even while they have been newly hired. Rather, they are always accompanied b a learning coach or a store manager while they learn the tricks of the trade. There is a 24 hour classroom training program called the “Starbucks Experience” for the newly recruits. The training consists of a detailed overview of the culture and history of Starbucks and its social responsibility programs.

After the completion of all the training programs, the newly joined employee needs to clear a special certificate exam to test their learning. There is a continuous training session spanning over the entire career of a partner as they go up in the organization’s ladder. Another cool feature of the company’s training program is the way they explain Emotional Intelligence to their trainees.

How Can You Become a Good Language Translator?

Language translators have always been in great demand. In case you are interested to opt for a career in translation, you need to have a strong passion for learning new languages and a flair for picking up a new language fast. While on rare occasions there have been people who have done quite well for themselves in this field without any kind of formal training, it is always recommended to undergo one.

After all, a language translator one needs to know the target language exceptionally well. So much so that he or she should be able to pick up the little nuances and the finest details of the language they would be translating into.

If you are serious about working as a language translator, it is imperative for you to join a reputed language learning school or a recognized university course and get the relevant degree or diploma, which will come handy while applying for a job.

Another major criterion that can give you an edge over other candidates is when you already possess some hands-on experience in the field. An employer or recruiter will definitely give preference to your CV over others when you have the necessary qualification as well as a domain-specific knowledge.

Monday, 28 May 2018

Top Benefits of Conducting Remote Interviews

The introduction and popularity of the Internet, as well as video conferencing, have led to an unprecedented improvement in people’s lives. Today, even a majority of multi-national companies have started opting for remote interviews through video conferencing. An interview conducted through video conferencing is similar to a face-to-face interview. The additional positive feature is that a candidate can appear for an interview from his or her home. Check out some of the top benefits of conducting a remote interview.

1. Proper time management

A lot of time is consumed while traveling between two places staring from delays in flight departures to the time taken for the movement.  On the contrary, then this technique is used, a recruiter can use the time in a sane manner since there is no question of any wastage.

2. Reduction in travel cost

It is regarded as the most influential and the biggest merit of conducting a remote interview. The reason is an organization need not spend a huge amount towards the traveling of the interviewers efficiently and easily.

3. Improved communication

Conducting remote interviews not only saves money and time but also improves the communication to a great extent. After all, there are many choices for media sharing, file sharing, interactive sharing of a whiteboard, text board and many more to make the remote interview interesting.