Saturday, 12 May 2012

83% of students prefer studying with multiple teachers, and other new insights on language courses

Globibo Research has conducted a new survey of especially young Language Course students (average age of respondents 23.2 years). The main focus of the survey was course and instructor preferences.

Attending a Language Courses may have very different objectives. While some students have a particular predetermined (e.g. professional or social) need in acquiring the language, other students are more attracted from the cultural or social image of the originating country. For example students attending a French Language Course in many cases are not attracted by the French language as such, but more by the associated image and perceived atmosphere of France. Based on this some language courses put more emphasize on blending the language learning process with a significant focus on cultural and social interventions. Based on the survey 68% of all participants highlighted this experience based focus to be more important than the language learning as such.