Sunday, 29 November 2015

Sustainability is not enough

Since several years Globibo targets to be not only a sustainable organization but to provide a genuine contribution in regards to the impact it has on the community. The basic principle was always explained by a simple example: Cleaning up the mess that you created with a BBQ in a park, doesn’t make you a good person. If you clean up the entire park you are.

The word sustainability itself suggests “maintaining” the situation as is. Also in most organization the term is used to “offset” the dirt produced or to have a “neutral” impact on the environment. We feel that this is not good enough.

Several initiatives that had been implemented over the years have been consolidated now in the SustainaBuild program. That means if we destroy a tree for paper, we will plant 2000 back. That means if we use Electricity, we will create new, entirely clean electricity sources back in a ratio of 1 : 2000.

The same principle is applied in everything we do, everything we touch; it includes supplier selection, talent development and all internal operations of the organization around the world. With that Globibo doesn’t only provide a clean balance sheet, but truly contributes to a positive footprint.
For more information about our SustainaBuild program, please contact us.

Friday, 27 November 2015

2 Merits of Independent Publishing Services

Today, independent publishers have become invaluable resources for budding and lesser-known writers all over the world. Many authors prefer to hire the services of an independent publisher to get their literary works published. Here are two of the key reasons why the demand for independent publishing services is increasing by leaps and bounds.

1.     Retaining the rights of your work
As an author, all your rights are solely reserved by you. Thus, it gives you an excellent chance to gain access to traditional publishers who give preferences to the more popular authors for publishing their works. When you use the independent publishing services, you continue to enjoy all the distribution and publishing rights for your work that might have been restricted by many of the traditional publishers as a part of their agreement. Authors are at a liberty to sell film and foreign rights for their literary work if such an opportunity comes before them.

2.     More easily available in the market
If you are hiring the services of an independent publisher, your manuscript is available readily and more easily in the market as soon as you complete signing off on the ultimate digital proof. It hardly takes a time period between 4 to 6 weeks for your work to be available through various channels of distribution when you want to use the services of different publishers.

2 Scenarios Where You Must Hire Professional Copywriting Services

While it makes sense to do copywriting all by yourself, sometimes it may be a good idea to hire the services of professional copywriters. Here are two of those reasons why you could benefit by hiring a professional copywriter:

1.     You may not be able to write attractive content
It may not be an easy task to put your efforts in something you are not very comfortable with. There may be also times that when there is urgency in getting the copywriting done at the earliest but you do not have adequate time in your hand to complete it yourself. There are many people who are not fond of writing - in fact, it can be a real phobia for them. So you should only do what you are usually good at doing. If writing is not one of your core skills, it is always a good idea to ensure that this part of your business function is getting the required attention.

2.     The stakes are too high to take risks
Imagine a scenario where there is a vital marketing campaign or a big product launch ahead; you have to ensure that your content leaves a great and lasting impression on the target audience. A professional copywriter is a perfectionist as far as the use of appropriate language is concerned. He or she is passionate about structure of the copy, the tone to be used, and the finer aspects of language usage and grammar.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

2 Benefits of Event Management Support

Wondering whether to outsource event technology services or not? It is a question that may keep bothering you often, especially if you are in charge of  organizing events, conferences, meetings or tradeshows. The event industry and event technology has been changing significantly in the last 10 years. Many organizations as well as government agencies feel the need to reassess their event strategies in the light of shrinking budgets and other business constraints. These limitations have made many to turn towards outsourcing their event management and technology requirements. It is a profitable option too, and here is why:

The right Event Technology partner saves time

It can be time-consuming and stressful to plan an event. It is particularly true when the team size is small and the members are already overburdened. Outsourcing event technology services will allow you to delegate duties like online registration, access control, event marketing, logistics and onsite AV to the experts who know their job best while you and your staff can concentrate on more important tasks like the content curation and event benefit realization.

Domain-specific experience

One of the key benefits of outsourcing event technology is that you are guided by experts who are well-experienced at managing events and meetings of various types on a routine basis. You also benefit from the latest and best event technology. This allows to save significant amount of budget and avoid technical installation risks.

Two Reasons To Outsource Corporate Training

No matter which sector your organization belongs to, outsourcing corporate training is an excellent option for improving your business. From healthcare to the automobile sector, it can be quite tough to find both time as well as resources for providing quality training to your existing or new employees. It helps to outsource your corporate training function as it is one of the cost-effective solutions that can give a real boost to your teams.

Minimizes risk

Outsourcing corporate training eliminates the risks of committing grave mistakes as a result of lack of information or improper training. It can also bring down the risk of all such employees failing to meet their job expectations even after getting training.

Effective training      

It is particularly true for start-up or small businesses, as outsourcing corporate training is helpful for them to balance cost and high-quality content. They may not have adequately qualified or confident staff members willing to lead a team or they may be incapable of providing the infrastructure for conducting high-quality trainings. Many businesses do not include training as one of their core functions so it is understandable if such companies do not have the correct teaching resources. On the other hand, all such firms that exclusively plan, manage and deliver corporate training modules have the required training resources and expertise, from which you benefit.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Popular Trends in Corporate Training: Gamification

Learning is a joy for some, but misery for most, especially those who have completed their many years of study and reached a job. Training is, however important and one of the best ways in which you can keep your staff up to date, engaged, and ready for change.

Making training fun: Gamification

·       The first step to any training is the return on investment. ROI, in this case will be how much the company on the whole and the participants, in particular gain from it. They are, for the most part intangible, but should help with the overall output and performance.

·       The next step is to make sure that the game is not just about the game. Having fun is second priority, the most important thing, is to impart skills and update knowledge. So the participants should be thorough with the content, the game, points, and prizes come second.
·       Make sure that the game based sessions actually have positive outputs. At the end of the year, your dashboards will have to show results, this can be because of the game or other teamwork related effects that it has had.

Are you looking for ways in which you can make learning fun in your corporate? Gamification might just be the answer.


Being Culturally Sensitive When Localizing Language

Translation is the process of changing the language of a text, be it in the form of a book or a transcribed speech, or even a website. Translation is often done word to word, and effort is put into carrying forward the massage as clearly as possible between languages. The advantage with this process is that the message will be carried over with accuracy. There are a number of ways in which this can work out well for a business, from simple meetings to closing deals.

Language localization on the other hand is a whole different game. It is a much longer process, but the nuances, and other details regarding the language will be taken into consideration. The importance of localization is important simply because words mean different things between languages and direct translations can send out the wrong message in the best case and can be completely offensive in the worst.

If between two languages there can be quite a bit of confusion, dialects present a whole new challenge. Words and phrases have to be taken care of, preferably a resident of the region can be used in the process. Another reason why you should never use a ready made software or just throw text into google translate and hope for the best.  

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Can Virtual Reality change my training program?

Globibo Corporate Training has elevated the industry with its GALTA training as well as blended learning approach. In collaboration with the Event technology and Research & Development division the team has now taken a look into how Virtual Reality can impact the traditional training strategy. Virtual Reality provides an immersive environment in which the learner can navigate in a real-life environment without being exposed to the concrete physical objects and dangers. Furthermore it can create artificial but responsive environments which help the learner to practice hard and / or soft skills.

  • Case Study 1 : An engineer can dive into the different vehicle engines to understand the working and components as well as how to resolve technical issues.
  • Case Study 2 : A fire-safety team can rehearse emergency procedures on a drilling rig
  • Case Study 3 : A leadership team can practice public speaking in front of very large, potentially rather unfriendly audiences.

Virtual reality has its limitations and is in its infancy, but the integration of eLearning and practice-oriented learning appears to create a very interesting mix for specific training objectives.

To learn more about VR based learning, please contact your Globibo Training Account Manager.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Advantages of Language Localization Service in Global Business

You will be astonished to know that according to a report by Common Sense Advisory; about 56 percent of customers find that their ability to know about a product in their mother tongue is more crucial than the product’s price. The process of adapting or tweaking your product or content according to a particular locale is known as Localization. Translation is the most well-known part of the process of localization. The most important goal of localization is to give a feel as if your product, service or content has been specifically created for a particular target market.

Here are some of the advantages of language localization services in the global business scenario.
  • Online users who are visiting your website develop a different and better impression of your business instantly when they find that you are offering your services in their local language. It increases their level of comfort while interacting with your site.
  • When your corporate website is localized, a powerful international image is projected that can be crucial for serving your customers both locally and internationally.

Get more details of Globibo’s localization services to have an edge over your competitors in the market. You will appreciate how important it is to overcome the language barriers to be successful overseas. You can also contact us and get all the necessary information from us.

Two Reasons to Outsource Your Copywriting Services

Many of you have often wondered why your copywriting services need to be outsourced to a freelance copywriting service provider. It has been observed frequently that while entrepreneurs spend a hefty sum of money for smart looking graphics or ad copy, they prefer to leave the task of copywriting to their in-house employees.

Here are 2 reasons why top management and business entrepreneurs should opt for outsourcing their writing services:

1.     Skilled expertise
One of the greatest challenges that most companies face today is finding adequate, skilled manpower. Moreover, a huge investment is required for training the employees that can take its toll on the business fund.  Companies can counter these hassles by outsourcing their copywriting services to a good service provider at a much lower cost.

2.     Higher efficiency and productivity
When you outsource your copywriting services, you not only save costs but can also enhance the efficiency of you business operations. A good service provider will hire copywriters with the right kind of experience and expertise and can help in streamlining business processes and thus improving the company’s bottom-line.

Click here to know about the revolutionary copywriting services of Globibo. In case, you have any queries related to our services you can contact us  and it will be our pleasure to help you out.