Sunday, 20 December 2015

Why Professional Publishing Services are Better Than Self-Publishing

You have written your first book and want to get it published. The first question that starts hovering in your mind is whether you should approach a professional publisher to get it published or self-publish it. Since, this is your first literary work and you would want your work to reach a larger audience, you can approach a publisher who might have years of experience in the publishing field and would know how to market your book very well.
This is opposed to self-publishing where you are responsible for everything, from the title of the book to getting it published and marketed. Since you are relatively new to this field, you might not have the required skill to promote and market your work.
Here are a couple of advantages when you approach a professional publishing service to publish your work.

You get paid for your book

Since you would be selling your work to a publisher, a royalty will be paid to you by them for every copy of your book that gets sold. Whenever you are signing a contract with a publisher, you would also receive an advance on such royalties.

Design and editing

When you collaborate with a professional publisher, you can avail expert services such as proofreading, designing and editing.  Thus, the content of your book would get improved so that your final product is error free and looks great.

2 Criteria for Outsourcing Training

It is understandable that for many companies, outsourcing the training function can be quite a critical decision. So it is important to consider some vital criteria before they outsource the company’s training function.
Here are a couple of criteria based on which a company should outsource their training delivery to a reputed training consultant.


It is important to find out how suitable a training consultant is before letting them deliver their services. Do they have the required expertise, experience and knowledge to handle training for your business scope? Can they customize their training modules and delivery processes based on your unique requirements and demands? These are some of the important questions to ask before outsourcing your company’s training to a service provider.

In-depth research

Training outsourcing is not a small decision to be made and thus your should take it seriously. An in-depth research on the existing training market should be carried out before making a decision on who you should work with. Markets have become much more open now-a-days and customer reviews, feedbacks and comparison websites are easily available. Just ensure that you have collated and compared enough data about the potential training consultants before you select one to handover your training delivery. Such research would help you to find the best consultant for your company’s training needs.

Event-Performance Management made in Asia

Globibo Event Technology supports customers around the world with a creative agency approach. As such the provided solutions are in principle technology-agnostic balancing proven best-practices with market innovations. Over the last couple of years a significant amount of time has been spent on mobile applications for different event configurations. The spectrum of those event applications reaches from a simple online agenda to audience response systems, ticketing, access control, behaviour tracking, social media integration, networking, location-based services, iBeacon / RFID / NFC integrations, cost management and success tracking. The development of such solutions is largely based on using existing large-scale platforms as well as solutions from local champions. On the other hand, a lot of bespoke solutions have been developed to close certain gaps or integration challenges.

With hundreds of applications and platforms used over the time, the Globibo Research & Development team has now integrated all key-components into 1 Event-Performance Management Solution. The solution includes the award winning Event-based Social Network as much as integration with payment and networking tools. Several components of the application have been piloted already but will now be offered to key customers in different pricing structures.

For more information about the Event-Performance Management Solution, please contact our Event Technology Team.

Sunday, 13 December 2015

2 Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Copywriting

Selecting a service is choosing what value you want to gain from it. You would definitely want to procure a service that not only satisfies your requirements but also fits your budget. Your brand and business need development all the time. So it is time that you take the help of an expert and not an amateur to whom a crucial job needs to be handed over for proper execution. Copywriting is a skill, as well as, a form of art. Today, you would find that the market is full of agencies and copywriters. But what is unfortunate is that a bulk of these businesses and freelancers may not deliver you quality copies.  So how do you make sure that you select a great copywriting service provider for your business?

Here is a couple of questions that you should cover before selecting a copywriting service provider for your business.

1. How much does the copywriting service provider know about your industry? 

It is vital to ascertain whether your potential provider has the required aptitude for understanding and writing according to the genre of a particular industry or not.

2. How would the service provider describe the voice of your brand?

You are aware of the sound of your business i.e. you brand would definitely have a specific voice. You should make sure that a prospective service provider recognizes your business’s voice and has the desired ability for projecting it.

Four Criteria For Choosing a Good Translation Service Provider

A good language translation service provider is one who is usually on the same wavelength with their clients, appreciate their exact requirements and can feel all of them. This is because every business may have its own individual approach. Perhaps that is the reason why you should select a provider based on certain vital criteria that should be a must-have for respected and reputed translation service providing companies.

1.       Focus on quality

How does your prospective provide choose their translators? Are they ready to revise the document, if necessary even after the delivery? Do they possess any external quality accreditations?

2.       Clients

This is definitely a good indicator. If the prospective provider has worked with reputed brands, both national as well as international ones, it is a great sign that the agency has been tested robustly by such corporate for their varied translation services.

3.       Past track record

Since the translation industry has almost nil barriers for entry, any operator can join this industry. You must make sure to select a translation service provider that has a track record of at least a few years so that it deserves your trust.

4.       Specialization

There are some translation services that need high-specialization. Examples of these are medical and legal translation services. These specialized translation services need translators who are well-versed in specific fields. If a translation is not accurate, your business can even be held liable. So that makes specialization an important criterion for selecting a good service provider.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Two Practices for Facilitating a Good Virtual Meeting

The participants in a virtual meeting make use of audio and video capture software so that they can communicate with each other over a network.  A virtual meeting thus makes it possible for its users to participate in meetings with peers and colleagues from all across the globe. It also eliminates the time that would have been otherwise wasted on traveling to the designated venues for physical meetings. It is important to note that it is a tough task to facilitate well for a successful virtual meeting. In fact proper facilitation is tougher than being a host for such a meeting. A facilitator has to make sure that there are no technical hiccups so that the virtual meeting goes on smoothly.

1.     Making sure that there is no technical problems
Virtual meeting is a networked application and can be complex. Moreover, there can be technical issues at times. While one can do little to get rid of such technical issues completely from the participants’ side, occurrences of a key failure from the facilitator’s side can be reduced by ensuring the presence of skilled technical support manpower as a standby. It is a good practice to have a proper technical backup strategy ready for a virtual meeting if the virtual meeting software does not seem to work.

2.     Number of participants
You can have a smooth and effective virtual meeting hen the number of participants is about 10 or fewer than that number. This is because when the number of participants is very high, the equipment used for hosting may face strain. Moreover, there are chances of many people speaking simultaneously in such a virtual meeting.

How to Choose a Good Training Consultant for Your Business

Before you decide to select an external training consultant for your business, it is imperative that you have a basic idea about what type of training requirements are necessary for the development of your manpower. Check out some of the traits that a good training consultant has that will make your life easier.

Analysis of training need

A good training consultant should have the ability to make a thorough analysis of your domain specific training requirements and thereafter identify the training program that is essential to produce your desired business result.

Continuous improvement of training delivery

It is quite crucial for good training consultants to be familiar with their skill sets and expertise. Moreover, only possessing knowledge is not adequate to produce the desired results. In order to be in sync with the changing business scenarios and improving their training effectiveness, a good training consultant would continuously strive towards improving the training delivery skills.

Tailored training programs

A good training consultant is one who just does not deliver an off-the-shelf training program for the clients. Rather such a consultant would develop tailor-made training programs based on distinct client requirements for greater effectiveness.  A business would enjoy increase in ROI from the training if a training program is tailored by a consultant to take care of your unique training needs.