Sunday, 20 December 2015

Event-Performance Management made in Asia

Globibo Event Technology supports customers around the world with a creative agency approach. As such the provided solutions are in principle technology-agnostic balancing proven best-practices with market innovations. Over the last couple of years a significant amount of time has been spent on mobile applications for different event configurations. The spectrum of those event applications reaches from a simple online agenda to audience response systems, ticketing, access control, behaviour tracking, social media integration, networking, location-based services, iBeacon / RFID / NFC integrations, cost management and success tracking. The development of such solutions is largely based on using existing large-scale platforms as well as solutions from local champions. On the other hand, a lot of bespoke solutions have been developed to close certain gaps or integration challenges.

With hundreds of applications and platforms used over the time, the Globibo Research & Development team has now integrated all key-components into 1 Event-Performance Management Solution. The solution includes the award winning Event-based Social Network as much as integration with payment and networking tools. Several components of the application have been piloted already but will now be offered to key customers in different pricing structures.

For more information about the Event-Performance Management Solution, please contact our Event Technology Team.

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