Sunday, 25 December 2016

How Singapore Is Pushing For More Translation Jobs

Singapore in a multilingual country and the need for translators are becoming increasingly important to bridge the communication gap. This year Han Kang from South Korea won the Man Booker Prize for her book “The Vegetarian”.  Half of the prize money was awarded to the translator of the book Deborah Smith without whose help the book would not have gained worldwide popularity. Apart from translation Literature, translators are getting recognized in Singapore as some of the major contributors to society.

Singapore has become a hub for many centers and schools that teach and prepare individuals for translation jobs. Lee Yew Leong, a Taipei-based businessman, has gained immense popularity for his online journal and has even won a London Book Fair Award. His translation services have helped many Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans alike. There are many other such examples which show the growing popularity of translation services and how they can be used to help people. The Singapore government has taken the initiative to allow more and more people to take up translation jobs. Schools, colleges and dedicated centers are provided translation courses for a variety of different languages. It is expected that in the coming years, the popularity of translation jobs will grow further and become one of the most sought after jobs in Singapore.

Hong Kong’s Wechat Event Management Platform: Uses And Limitations

Hong Kong’s MarTech startup company WeMine launched its first WeChat event management platform, WeAct. The platform is a one stop solution for event-related managements and includes trade shows, business meetings and even music festivals. The platform works on the native WeChat app and does not require a separate download. There are no updates required and users can use it without any interruption. The platform is highly customizable and sociable. The main advantage of the platform is that it is easily accessible to over 760 million people who use WeChat. The highlight of the new platform is that it allows users to skip through complex registration processes and keep guests organized as per their requirements. It also allows event managers to bookmark an activity and follow real-time updates on their phones.

WeAct is easy to use and is slowly gaining popularity among event managers but most people still prefer to do things the traditional way. One of the biggest reasons for this is the live social interaction with people from different walks of life. Another reason is that people don’t want to completely rely on mobile applications for important events. Then there is the question of audience. It is impossible to say how many people might attend an event based on data provided by an app.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Bloggers Should Know These Proofreading Tips

Many people take up blogging or writing as their career by chance. However, times are changing and there are innumerable websites that are hiring professional and experienced editors and writers these days.

So, here are some of those handy tips for proofreading.

Read loudly and then silently whenever you have time

Sit in a quiet place and read your articles loudly and then silently when you have time.

Proofreading is not same as editing

Editing is slightly different from proofreading. While editing a document, an editor usually makes a revision in the existing content or improves sentence structures. On the other hand the proofreading process involves fine-tuning the content and checking it for correctness of punctuation, spelling and grammar.

Request someone to go through your post

Look out for someone who is able to read well and request him to proofread your content.

All mistakes are not the same

Online writers to should appreciate the difference between writing academic essays and writing for the net. In case you make any mistake intentionally, there should be a valid reason for doing so. While you can overlook some rules while writing online, you should be sure that it will be effective and why you have decided to do it.

Thorough research on the selected topic

Avoid writing on a topic if you have not conducted proper research on it,

Why Cross Cultural Training Is Beneficial For Business?

Interpersonal relationships and communication can get hampered due to differences in cultures. Today, businesses are expanding their operations beyond the geographical boundaries and people from diverse cultures need to interact and communicate with each other for making crucial decisions and improved performance. The aim of cross-cultural training is to create awareness among all those people where there is an absence of common cultural platform so that there is no miscommunication and improved relationships.

Businesses can receive several benefits from a good cross-cultural training.

Promotes self-learning

Through training like this, employees get valuable information on their cultures, global views and preconceptions that they would not have deliberated otherwise. Such a training program facilitates learning about themselves while they learn about the culture of others. 

Builds up confidence level

A cross-cultural training program helps in promoting self-confidence in different teams and within individual employees by making sure that they are empowered by a feeling of greater control to overcome tough challenges in their workplace.

Removing the barriers

Barriers may exist in form of prejudices, misconceptions, and false beliefs. Such emotions can hamper your understanding and relationships with other people. The demystification of a different culture can be done through a cross-cultural training program. When one learns more about a different culture, obstructions melt away enabling greater dialogue and open relationships.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Top Benefits of Digital Publishing

Reading and storing electronic versions of documents are extremely convenient for inline readers, Moreover, they help in being environmental friendly since the creation, as well as, distribution process, do not require cutting down of trees. The merits of digital publishing are many since they provide an opportunity to create more interesting content with higher level of interaction. 

Check out some of the top merits of digital publishing

Does not compete with print versions

This is one of the biggest benefits of digital publishing. It does not compete with a print edition. Several studies have indicated that while readers are fond of digital content today, they are not averse to reading printed magazines if available.

Saves both cost and time

Online publishing offers many advantages to the publishers in terms of both cost and time. It is less costly since there is no cost incurred for distribution or printing content. Moreover, contrary to losses incurred due to magazines remaining unsold, such risks do not exist. Since the distribution of online or digital content us done via web, readers can view them immediately. Thus, it is a much faster process than the distribution and publication of print editions. 

Increased engagement of readers

Digital content can be viewed on mobile devices and readers making them more convenient. Users can easily access them anywhere and anytime.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Future of Language Translation

If you are fond of learning new languages, you can have a great future ahead of you in the field of language translation and interpretation. This has become possible due to tremendous advancement in the area if global travel and worldwide businesses. Many countries, all over the world have a lot of demand for translators and interpreters than ever before. 

One of the reasons for the rapid growth if the translation and interpretation industry us the language translators can use their skills through various flexible ways in their daily lives. If you become a language interpreter or a translator, you can opt to work for general application or can also specialize in a particular language. 

In many nations there are innumerable languages that are spoken by people and so there is a huge need of socialized language translators for bridging the gap between various linguistic and language barriers, 

With the increase in communication through global technology, the demands for language translators will be o the rise. Organizations, irrespective of their sizes will take leverage of the chances offered by globalization such as fresh overseas market and socialists who may be residing remotely.

With the advancement in technology, the world is getting smaller through better connectivity. Companies gave realized that they need to do business beyond their geographical boundaries to survive the cut throat competition. 

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Steps for Getting Success as a Freelance Translator

Getting success as a freelance language translator is tougher than becoming a language translator. The career path for a freelance language translator is quite interesting. There will be different perspectives for different freelance translators.

There are many people who feel that freelance translation is an excellent career option as it offers a host of benefits like flexibility choose or leave clients as per the wish and freedom of working. While many take it up as a full-time career option, there are others who feel it is an excellent way of spending their leisure time while earning some extra bucks. In a nutshell, it is an appealing profession for many.

While language translation is an extremely satisfying job in itself, the life of a freelance language translator can be quite an interesting one,
So, how can you become a successful freelance successful language translator?

Step 1: You need to build a solid foundation

It is not possible to rake a direct leap from a language translation school to the world of freelancing translation. Most recruitment agencies are nit that willing to hire fresh graduates since they are relatively inexperienced. Moreover, without much experience, it will be difficult for you to have the necessary connections for seeking out clients.

Thus your first step towards becoming a freelance translator will be to get an entry level job as a translator in a company. Though your salary may not be well, it will give you an opportunity to do your job under a superior who will be helping you out by revising, as well ad, editing the translations done by you. It will be an excellent learning experience for you.

Step 2: Advance planning

After you have gathered some years of experience in the world if translation, you are now all set to approach translation agencies and new clients who work with freelance language translators.

How to Build an Effective Corporate Learning Portal?

An effective corporate learning portal should ideally act as a storehouse for different types of training resources, courses, and other tools that help in employee learning and teaching, In actual terms, a corporate learning portal is a website, which can act as a valuable resource for learning and teaching materials, Typically, most of the organizations need to get two different kinds of learning strategies developed one for the fresh recruits and the second type of the ongoing training of their existing employees.

The corporate goal in terms of learning strategy should be to make sure that all the employees should be able to do their jobs well and discharge their responsibility efficiently so that they can go high up on their corporate ladders. 

A learning portal should be developed in a manner to personalize employees' learning experience

In present times, a well developed corporate learning portal is the best way through which employees, new or existing, can learn the content which is relevant not only for them but also for their organizations.

Help in reinforcing brand values

A well-developed corporate learning portal should provide opportunities to the employees to introspect and give commitments to change their behaviour as an integral component of this online learning process. Thus, it should provide an ideal chance for reinforcing the values represented by a brand.

What Future Has In Store For Event Technology?

The advancements in technology have made lives simpler in various ways. So, it really means sense that you are thoroughly updated with the changes that take effect on the gadgets that mean a lot to you. This phenomenon is especially true in the field of event management technology. There is no wonder why in recent years, there has been a remarkable growth in technology-related events.

Check out some of these trends that may change the field of event management technology in the future.

Improving the level of participant engagement

Once upon a time it did happen that when the speakers spoke, the audience largely remained passive. Today, it is courtesy technology that the scenario has undergone drastic changes. There are sophisticated tools that enable the attendees to take notes and view presentations.

Use of Big Data

In the past few years, the implications of Big Data have been a favourite topic for discussion across various forums. It may have a great deal of impact in the future of event management technology. For instance, an event organizer can make use of Google Analytics for finding out the registration is bring impacted by which particular online campaigns or are bring covered across various social media platforms. Alternatively, the participants' movement can be tracked with the help of Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi to know which events they will visit.

Must-Have Properties of Event Management Technology

Event management activities have become an essential part of marketing strategies in the corporate world today. One of the prime aims of the marketers is to enhance the experience of any event organized by their companies. Today, an increasing number of marketing professionals are realizing how crucial is the role of an event management technology is. Though the technology is usually reserved by professionals who plan the events, event technology is progressing beyond the planning stage and is instrumental to assume the role of helping in building up the brand and generating leads. Here are a few must-have essentials to support the marketing goals of an organization. 

Mobile app

The platform for your event management must feature a mobile component integrated into it to enable you deploy any mobile app easily and rapidly for all events. It is better to seek out for all such web-based mobile apps that can be generated automatically when each event is set up by you. This app should have the ability of offering access to all announcements easily, appointment schedules, critical information on events and social media feeds.

Integrate automated marketing system

A majority of the organizations spend a major chunk of their marketing budgets in organizing events. So it is critical for the marketers to track the ROI from the amount spent. When event management is integrated with an automated marketing system, the data that is churned out can be utilized for enhancing the company's revenue cycle and also help in making the events more effective.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Why It Is Important To Hire A Good Simultaneous Interpretation Company For International Seminars?

The entire process of simultaneous interpretation requires the highest levels of proficiency in both the source and target language to be able to provide the level of quality that is required for such tasks so it is of little wonder why this interpretation technique is such a challenging and demanding job to execute with finesse and accuracy. Simultaneous interpretation needs lots of focus and can be quite taxing on the part of the interpreters who carry out the exercise. But how does this technique work?

A presenter addresses on the microphone that is linked to the booth of the interpreter. The latter has to follow the presenter and do its interpretation via another microphone that can transmit a signal that is received by the audience through their headphones.

But why is simultaneous interpretation important?

Simultaneous interpretation is crucial even when there is a since participant in an event who is unable to understand the address being made by the presenter because he or she is speaking in a foreign language.

For instance, you are organizing an international conference in English. However, there are many participants who do not understand English and speak a foreign language. So they are unable to understand what the speaker is saying. In such scenarios, you would be best served by engaging the services of a reputed simultaneous interpretation service provider and necessary equipment for translation.

How Consecutive Interpretation is different from simultaneous interpretation?

While both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation is different forms of interpretation services, there is a big difference between the two.

In the case of a consecutive interpretation service, an interpreter has to wait till the time a speaker has completed speaking his sentence. The interpreter then translates the words of the speaker in the target language. Ideally, when the setting is more formal, the segments get usually longer too. Thus the interpreters should be well trained in special memory techniques and develop and practice note taking.

Consecutive interpretation is most apt for all such cases when the group is smaller relatively and there is a need to provide a special personal touch. Some examples are teleconferences, interviews and business meetings. It could be also an exchange between only two persons.

On the other hand, simultaneous interpretation is an interpretation technique wherein the message is translated from the source to the target language as quickly as possible. This is a technique wherein the interpreter listens to the speaker, and provides immediate simultaneous translation in the target language even before the concerned speaker has completed speaking. This technique of interpretation is very popular in at international forums, particularly government level meetings like the United Nations or G10 meetings.

Why Could One Become A Language Interpreter?

There are several interesting reasons why you can consider opting for getting a language interpreter. Check out some of these reasons mentioned below.

It is a booming field with opportunity for a great career

A recent study has revealed that translators and interpreters have an exciting time ahead professionally as there is a growth projection in their employment opportunities by a whopping forty-six percent in 2022 from 2012. This growth percentage is faster than the mean projected growth rate for all other occupations. The projected growth in employment could be due to an increasing globalization. It could be also due to a massive boom in the number of people who cannot speak English.

It is an ever changing and extremely challenging option for your career

When you work as a language interpreter, every task will have its own unique set of challenges. You have an option of broadening your mastery over language skills in more than single working language.

You can get tremendous job satisfaction

In the United States alone, there are an estimated twenty-four million people who literally struggle while conversing in English. Every day, you can help all these people as a language interpreter for communicating with doctors, cops, firefighters among others and save lives of innumerable people.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Merits of Working as Freelance Proofreader

When a job is a mix of fun, passion, and good pay, there is simply nothing like it. Working as a freelance proofreader can be fun but it is not without its share of challenges, 
Check out some of the merits of working as a freelance proofreader.

You can enjoy a flexible schedule

Working as a freelance proofreader gives you the flexibility of working according to your own schedule. Moreover, you can opt for it as an additional career so that it could supplement your primary income. At the same time, it can also be your primary career. There are many who have some other career and complete their proofreading assignments when they have free time.

It is possible to work from home or from any other location

This is another great benefit of working as a freelance proofreader. You need not commute to a distant location every day in rush hours and work. The only requirement for you is to have access to the internet and that is it. You can work from anywhere and everywhere.

You do not have to report to a boss

Another beauty of working as a freelance proofreader is you need not report to anyone in particular. While you can work for only a specific client, there is also an option for you to have many clients simultaneously. 

You need to invest very little time for getting your clients or projects

There is no scarcity of proofreading jobs that are available today ranging from proofreading for websites to quick checking of documents and blog posts.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Merits of Choosing Editing As Career

Good content is not only the outcome of good writing but also the result of efforts put by professional editors having several years of experiences. An editor is accountable for ensuring the publication quality, be it online, print media or any other media. An editor needs to read the draft articles to ensure that the styling parameters, the accuracy with respect to representing facts, grammar rules are followed by his or her writers.


When one decides to take up editing as his or her profession, there is a great degree of freedom. Imagine the independence of selecting where you work from. So, you can get your job done even from one of the coffee shops or a cyber café too. Moreover, you will also enjoy the liberty of making your own decisions while editing the drafts. Though, such a responsibility could be daunting for some people, there are others who may feel it is exciting, especially after taking direct instructions from superiors.


As compared to many other professions, editing offers the prospect of a great deal of mobility. All cities having writers will definitely require good editors. Today, there are many companies, that also offer editors a chance of telecommuting. Now, this implies an editor need not be physically present in the same place where the organization is situated. He or she can do the editing jobs online.

How Training Programs In Modern Workplace Can Be Effective?

If you head the training division of an organization, you need to make sure that all the employees are properly equipped with the essential job-related knowledge and skills so that their productivity can be maximized. You need to appreciate the fact that the most precious assets of your organization are your own employees.  When you train them well, you are actually trying to make sure that your organization enjoys a consistent growth. Thus, training your employees is critical for the growth of your business. 

Training programs should be thorough

Training programs for employees should always cover the fundamental skills that are needed by them for being productive in their work. Today anyone can shoot videos using their hand-held devices. The recorded content can then either be shared at a local level or in the entire organization. 

Increase accessibility of training materials

For any years, training was delivered to employees through study materials that were made available to them in printed form. The participants were expected to go through those spiral bonded documents. these actually proved to be barriers to effective training for employees as they got bored. Today, more and more organizations are coming up with innovative training solutions to make the training programs more interesting. Training solutions through mobile technology is one such good initiative in this direction.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Benefits and Requirements of Employee Training

If any business desires to succeed and sustain in the long run, it will definitely appreciate the importance of training. It is useful tool for employees, as well as the employers of a company. When employees are trained well, their productivity and efficiency improve significantly.

Why Training is needed?

  • For training the employees on a particular topic.
  • When management wants to do succession planning.
  • When there are needs to train certain employs on special professional development programs.
  • Whenever an employee’s performance appraisal program suggests that he or she needs to be trained to polish certain skills to improve performance. 

Benefits of training 

Reduction in supervision
When employees are trained well, they are more familiar with their jobs and their confidence level goes up drastically. As a result, these employees need less supervision leading to less time wastage.

Employee morale is improved
When employees attend training sessions, their job satisfaction level and job security go up. When employees are more satisfied with their jobs, employee turnover rate and absenteeism will go down.

Opportunities of promotion will increase
Training programs help employees to gain higher efficiency and skills in their jobs. Thus, the eligibility for going up on the corporate training for these employees also goes up. All these employees become assets for the business.

Enhanced productivity
Employee productivity and efficiency can be improved through well-designed training programs. When employees are trained well, they start performing but qualitatively and quantitatively.

Why Good Training Manual Is Important For Your Employees?

When a business is in the growing phase, it increases its number of employees to meet the objectives. Training is a crucial part of development for new, as well as, existing employees. A good training manual is need as a vital component of a successful employee training program. When an organization has a large number of manpower, it needs a more formal approach towards training and a good training module is a powerful tool for that.

Not only does a training manual help the employees to understand about their expectations from a training program, it also helps in tackling the training challenges that may come on the way.

A good training manual offers the following benefits to the employees who are undergoing a training program.
  • Participants can refer to their manuals to review the topic taught after training. 
  • The trainee can focus solely in training while the session is going on. There is no need to take detailed notes. 
  • Employees can use it like a reference manual while they are stuck at the workplace.
  • It acts as a single point reference for all relevant information related to the processes and skills taught during a training program. 
  • A good training manual makes sure that there is proper consistency in the way a training program is conducted. 

Proof Reading Mistakes to Avoid

Many-a-times, there is constraints in terms of deadline and producing web-based content with great speed. Perhaps these are some of the top reasons why web-based content writers and bloggers overlook proper proof-reading with a strategy of publishing first and correct the mistakes later. 

However, this is not a good practice. You may succeed with this kind of a strategy in the short run butt of your blog or portal is small, the possibility of getting good online traffic dips. 

Here are some of the mistakes that you must avoid while proofreading your documents.

The links should not lead the visitor to some different locations 

All the links that you have used in your content should be checked by clicking so that they lead the visitors to your desired locations. If a visitor gets confused due to error in connecting to a specific link, he may get confused and leave your site. 

Assuming correctness of specific words

While you are going through the proofreading exercise for your document, you need to always start with the thought that the article might contain errors. Always check facts, names of people you have referred to in your articles, contact number, names of places being referred in your document. 
It is easy to commit errors by a blogger or a content writer if he or she is unaware of using words in a correct manner. 

How A Business Benefits From Localization?

Localization is a process or a technique though which the products of a business or its website are content is tweaked to cater to the preferences of customers in a specific country where the business has expanded its venture.

Localization typically constitutes of the following attributes.

• Including support for local currencies.
• Making adjustments to the layout of a business’ content for the local text.
• Getting the graphics adapted for suiting a particular local market.
• Adhering to the regulations and laws of a particular nation
• Making alterations in date formats and contact numbers.

Localization can boost your ranking

When you localize your mobile app or the business website, it sends the right kind of business message to your target audience. Moreover, localization also helps in optimizing the content of your business for a global search engine.

Improves market share of your business

When you have created your own website, it is easier to access the international markets. Today, the business scenario has completely changed and transacting at a global level is not only the forte of big multinational businesses. You will limit the market share of your business by only delivering the services or products in English but neglecting the needs and desires of your potential global customers.

It makes your business popular globally

Not only does localization increase the sales of a business but it also ensures that the business is popular internationally.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Kinds of interpreting modes

There are two primary interpreting modes. They are Consecutive and Simultaneous interpreting. 
Check out how these two main interpreting modes are different from each other. 

Consecutive Interpreting

This is a type of interpretation mode wherein the speaker pauses for time duration of one to five minutes after a particular paragraph is completed by him or her. This is where an interpreter will step in for explaining what the speaker old in a particular target language. The note-taking plays a very important role while the consecutive interpreting mode is used. It is imperative to do so since mugging up the entire paragraph addressed by the speaker is a tough job. 

Simultaneous Interpreting

It is an interpreting mode that needs the interpreter to hear and interpret simultaneously with the original speaker as the latter speaks or uses sign languages. As such, it is important for a simultaneous interpreter to be thoroughly aware of the subject so that they can be prepared with what they should say as soon as the speaker completes his or her sentence. Due to the quickness with which an interpreter needs to deliver in case of simultaneous interpretation, a key skill is to be extremely decisive. Often, interpreters form pairs in case of simultaneous interpretation since the job demands a high level of focus and concentration. 

Steps for Effective Copywriting

Being a copywriter is not an easy task. It is crucial that as a copywriter, you split down the content into the most fundamental level. A good copywriter knows that it is no important to show off his vocabulary to the world. Rather, the more important ask is to ensure that content is crisp and value of the content is maximized. 

Check out these steps for effective copywriting:-

Knowing the target audience

It does not matter what the content writer is writing; it could be a call to action, a newsletter, a byte or even an advertising copy. A good copywriter will always ensure that the end result is such that it gets ingrained in the readers’ minds. While all people could see all advertisements, one must remember that there is a specific set of audience for each advertisement. The marketing department has a responsibility to make sure that he content is placed in such a manner so that the largest population of the online audience could see it. 

The benefits of your products should be exploited properly by the copywriter

One of the most crucial steps for a good copywriter is to flaunt the benefits of the company’s products through smart and alluring content. It is crucial to express why the product is the best one to try out through the content in a well-structured manner. 

Monday, 3 October 2016

Choosing the Perfect Voiceover Artist

You have given your blood and sweat and marvel at your completed online training module and then you realize that your work is not done yet. You need a great voiceover artist to make your module sound interesting and engaging so that the learners do not get bored with the monotonous tone and drop out of the training in between.

Here are some simple tips for selecting a great voiceover artist so that you have an excellent online training module in hand and your training effectiveness enhances.

You need a voiceover artist who can ensure high-level of audience engagement

Your main aim is to make sure that the students feel interested enough to complete the course in one go. After all, you would not want your audience to doze off to sleep without paying any attention to your course. So, what is the solution? You need a talent who has the voice modulation and the necessary skills to make your training module seem to be highly interesting. Moreover, the message you intend to send across to your learners should be also loud and clear.

Choose a voice that reflects the consistency of your brand

You need to choose a voice that has the capability to enhance the image of your brand. The process could be much easier if you can refer to some advertising manuals of reputed brands. The voiceover artist should be chosen in a manner that the entire focus of the learners should be on the module and nowhere else.

Why Choose Certified Translation Services?

When you have your business expanded into a foreign soil, you need to be extra-cautious. That is because your paper works need to be immaculate and translated in a proper manner. After all, if there is a trial in a foreign court, a document translated improperly could cause you even more troubles than you initially anticipated. In other words, there is tremendous importance of well translated documents and that is where the importance of certified translation services comes into the picture.

When you avail the services of a certified translation service provider, such apprehensions can be eliminated ensuring that all your important documents have legal validity.

Typically, an expert translator comes with several years of experience in the field of translation so he knows his job well. He or she is well acquainted with the intricacies of working with some of the key accrediting companies, thus increasing the level of integrity.

Many of these certified translators are also expert in dealing with complicated legal matters. So, this means you can be completely relaxed once you hire the services of an expert translation services.

Moreover, they ensure that you get professional services all the time after ensuring strict vigil and high quality standards. You are also assured of protection of private data.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Importance of Editing In Content Marketing

Today, an increasing number of companies are using content marketing to promote the visibility of their brand image and market their products or services. The role of a content editor is extremely important to produce superior quality of content in a consistent manner. An expert content editor possesses all the essential expertise to edit, do quality checks, do effective story telling for the brand he or she is representing, while ensuring that truth and not gimmicks reach the company’s target audiences. 

There is a misconception in various quarters that the job of an editor is restricted to doing grammar and spell-checks only which is not true at all. They are also responsible to aligning the content with the organization’s business goals. 

Promoting brand consistency

In accordance with the business goals of an organization, it is the responsibility of a content editor to plan and draft out updates on social media, chalk out topics for eBooks, choose themes for webinars and the blog posts. Keeping your business objectives in mind, the Content Editor is to draw out all the plans for the social media updates, blog posts, eBook topics and webinar themes. All these tasks are not planned in isolation but are correlated with each other in a consistent manner. 

Controlling content quality

A good content editor is powered with the necessary techniques and tools for managing content for a brand. His goal is to make sure that all the written and submitted articles are edited in a manner that are relevant, interesting, easy for the readers to go through and keep them thoroughly engaged. Most importantly, the editor ensures that the standards for the brand are upheld at all costs, thus offering proper credibility to the content. 

Why E-Learning Tools Are Good For Training Employees?

Today, more and more people in the workforce all over the world are becoming extremely tech savvy. So, it is of little wonder that the popularity of the e-learning tools are on the rise cutting across geographical boundaries. But is this the only reason why these tools are being used by the HR department for training their employees? The answer is of course a big “no”. There are various other reasons, why these tools are considered to be extremely good for training the employees.

They can be accessed by the employees anytime and anywhere.

This is one of the biggest benefits offered by any e-learning tool. Employees have the flexibility to get themselves train themselves from any location and whenever they have free time at their disposal. Moreover, contrary to traditional mode of training in the classroom, the time duration to complete a training module through an e-learning tool is much shorter, thus increasing the productivity of the employees 

Affordable and eco-friendly form of learning

An organization can save lots of money by using e-learning tools to train its employees as opposed to traditional form of learning and development. In the conventional classroom training mode, there are additional costs involved such as costs for renting the facility, expenses on employee transportation and stay, cost for the trainer among other expenses. It is an eco-friendly form of training as there is hardly any use of papers in this kind of training. 

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Facts about Localized Business

Localization has indeed brought a big revolution in the world of consumer marketing. When a business has got its branches in more than one physical location, it is said to be a localized business. The aim of having its presence in multiple locations is to serve customers of that location extremely well.

It is imperative to note that a business that has localized is operations is actually reaching out to its customers by offering to market and sell its goods or services by being physically present close to them. It is also crucial to understand that a local business is not necessarily a localized organization always.

Today reaching out to local customers is indeed a big goal for many organizations. If you want to expand your business internationally so that your products are accessible to a larger market, then localization is an in thing for you.

Localized business is not related to the size of a business. So it could be a small-sized organization but could be also a big brand known nationally or globally.

Moreover, if a business is supplying products or its services to different organizations, it cannot be referred to as a localized company. It has to be at a close physical proximity to the target market to access a larger number of consumers to qualify as a localized business.

Why Online Training Is So Beneficial?

Today there has been a big change in the way training is conducted all over the world. More and more organizations have started realizing the importance of online training for their new recruits, as well as, their existing employees. One of the key reasons for the popularity of online training today is that it saves a significant amount of finances for the companies while enhancing the learning flexibility for employees, as well as, students.

Moreover, for all those professionals who are too busy to attend regular classroom training, online training is a convenient mechanism to keep them updated.

There is little wonder that even small entrepreneurs are not averse to try out the option of elearning for their employees. Today, thanks to the way the Internet has helped in revolutionizing all spheres of people’s lives, training experts are using tools like webinars, online presentation, video conferencing among others for the process of effective learning.

It is so cost-effective when an organization conducts an online training session or a webinar to train its manpower. Training overheads like taking up a training facility for conducting training is not required too. Moreover, there will be no transportation costs for bringing in the participants to the training venue since they can sit in front of their systems and attend an online training program from anywhere, thus, offering greater flexibility.

Thus cost reduction and increased flexibility are two of the biggest reasons why online training is preferred by many businesses today.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Top Publishing Trends

Like many other industries, the publishing industry is continuously evolving and is truly one of the most dynamics once. The influences of technology, development in digital media are some of the prime reasons for that. As more and more people have started using Internet all over the world, the impact of technology has been quite dominant in this emerging field. Publishing today targets digital readers and constantly strives to get more online readers so that ad revenues for the business or brand could be increased.

Here are some of the top publishing trends:

A significant increase in reading on mobile devices

Since more and more people prefer to read online contents on their mobile and handheld devices today, the publishing houses are continuously improvising on how to ensure seamless integration of mobile phones with actual bookstores. There are several publishing houses that have started creating their own apps for publishing their contents for the mobile users. 

Sharing content with social media

The immense popularity of social media has made it imperative for several publishers to share their content on these networking sites as these sites can boost huge traffic for them. There will be parallel market for both tradition media and digital print media While the use of digital print media has been rising steadily that does not mean traditional print media is going to be obsolete and will not be used by the publishing houses.

Importance of Good Proofreading

If your site content or text is not proofread in a proper fashion, the result could be sub-standard text that would repel your online audiences and readers and create a negative impression about your business and brand.

In fact, proofreading should be the last step before submitting your document or article. Read the document slowly while proofreading it so that it is easy to track the errors if any. As a proofreader, you need to also make sure that the document is reflecting its message properly or it lacks clarity. As a part of proofreading process, you should also ensure that the sources in the document are authentic and have been quoted properly or not. A well-proofed document can depict a message properly to its readers.

Not only this, as a part of the professional proofreading exercise, you need to also check the punctuation, spelling and grammar errors in the content if any. It is always recommended to approach a professional proofreader to get a quality document so that it is simple to read and understand, accurate and written well. Good editing is a compulsory component of good writing.

A professional proofreader has the necessary expertise to deliver you a quality document that you can be proud to put up. On the other hand, if you try to do the task all by yourself, there is always a possibility that you overlook an error or some omissions.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Why Ongoing Training Is Good For Your Manpower And Business?

Ongoing corporate training can help in improving morale of the staff, profit and business performance.

Some of the advantages of ongoing training for the business are mentioned below:
  • You can use tailor-made training programs so that your workforce can polish the target skills to accomplish the goals of your organization for present, as well as, in future.
  • Ongoing training programs can lead to superior customer service, improvements in productivity and better safety and workplace practices.
  • Such programs will give the feeling to your staff members that they are valuable for you and the organization. This leads to improvement in employee retention and loyalty.

Training programs offers a host of merits for your employees.

  • Your employees can acquire and polish their skills, thus improving the way they contribute to the fulfillment of business goals, as well as building up their self-respect.
  • There are specific training programs that can alleviate their positions in the company thus giving them opportunities for improved pay or better career prospects.
  • Your employees can be provided with skills through these ongoing training programs for doing fresh and different types of tasks keeping them rejuvenated and motivated.
  • Since they realize that you are investing time and money on them through these training modules, they extend their loyalty and usually like to stick to your organization.

Top Myths on Translation Quality

Translations can be confusing at times; particularly, if you have been entrusted with the task of representing your organization for purchasing the translation services. However, since you may not speak or understand the target language in which the translation needs to be done, it might be difficult to measure how good the quality of the translation is and the question then remains, can you hold the translator accountable if the service does not meet your expectations?

Here are some of the myths associated with translation services.

Myth 1: A translator is all you require

Though a writer may be superb in his writing skills, they depend on professionals like proofreaders and editors so as to polish their work further. In a similar fashion, a professional translation service constitutes of multiple parties. Apart from a professional translator, there is also a requirement for editors to review the content. Even a proofreader might be needed to do the formatting properly. It may be a great strategy to work with a freelance translator directly in some projects.

Myth 2: A big translation agency is always better

There are some people who think that if they approach a bigger translation agency for getting translation services, they will get superior service quality. They feel that when a translation company employs hundreds of translators, there is bound to be good service quality. But, then again, it may not be necessary that it will be always like that. 

Monday, 29 August 2016

Facts about Typesetting

The skill or the process of setting a document’s type is known as Typesetting. This process is not similar to typography and so the two should not be confused. However, both typography and typesetting have their roots in the Gutenberg revolution.

Both these two crafts are related to the art of presenting texts in type but both accomplished that in their own individualistic ways.

It is the process wherein the images and the tests are arranged in pages to make them ready for printing. Tasks such as choosing an appropriate composition for the text, size and style are different aspects of typesetting.

Though initially, it may appear that typesetting is an easy process, it takes a long time to prepare the entire document for printing in the correct manner. That is because there are various aspects to be taken into consideration by a professional typesetter to accomplish his tasks properly.

The typesetter must appreciate the importance of conveying the pictures and texts of a document in such a manner that it is pleasing to the eyes. He or she has to ensure that accurate distribution of the text has been conducted, the specification of various font sized are done properly and the most suitable fonts are chosen. But what is the most crucial component of the typesetting process? It is how well the text can be read since there is a significant distinction between documents that are formatted well versus others where the appearance of the text is neglected.

Know These Latest Voice-over Trends

Do you nurture an ambition to be a successful voice-over artist? If so, you need to be constantly ready for being competitive, adapt yourself to an industry that keeps changing its ways quite often and also undergoes vigorous and constant training.

Here are some of the recent trends for the voice-over industry that you should definitely be aware of if you want to be a part of it.

1. Agents for voice-over are available in a number of cities

You can find a number of voice-over agents all across the country. But do your homework properly before selecting a particular voice-over agent. Get information about his reputation in the market and the client base he or she is having before short listing one.

2. Recording for auditions can be now conducted anytime and anywhere

Thanks to the Internet revolution and ease of its accessibility, it has become normal for clients to ask for submission of auditions very fast. Technology has become so sophisticated today that you can do a recording for your voice-over while travelling in a car or while sitting at home.

Today, a wide variety of cheap but good quality mics are easily available in the market that can be used in conjunction with your tablet, iPad or laptop so that recording for auditions is now child’s play.

Monday, 22 August 2016

How Training On Customer Service Enhances Customer Satisfaction?

A well-planned customer service training makes all the differences in how your company manages to portray a distinct image in the minds of the customers. It helps your staff to deliver satisfying problem resolutions, empathy and thoroughness. 

Moreover, your customer service representatives can acquire the knowledge of how to view problems from the customers’ perspective. 

Such ability can be the result of a well-learned skill and can be mastered through customer service training.

Check out some of the benefits that can be offered to your customers through a good customer service training as they make your front-line service representatives more skilful. 

  • A higher number of loyal customers who can spread a positive word within their circles.
  • Significantly improve customer satisfaction scores.
  • Your company can earn a reputation of being fair while interacting with all the customers
  • Increase in repeat customers who will come back to you ignoring your competitors.
  • Earn a reputation of being honest while interacting with your customers every time.
  • Your customers will exhibit greater trust in your brand when they feel that their issues and interests were heard, respected and taken care of. 

Highlights of good customer service training

  • Ways of demonstrating empathy towards your customers.
  • What are those critical expectations your customers have
  • How to query customers so that they are at ease and trust can be built up
  • Using the best practices in the industry so that a good culture in customer service can be built up.

Training a Newly Hired Employee As Your Organization Expands

Is your company going through the stage of acquisitions and mergers? If that is the case, the kind of training that is given to your news employees can either bring success or break it. 

In case the new employees will join your board from a company that you acquired recently, they have had their own set of protocols and rules and may be unfamiliar with the way your business functions. 

If you are looking for a seamless and effortless integration, all new employees should be well-acquainted with the standards and procedures of your company. 

Here are a couple of tips to train your employees effectively when your business is in an expansion mode. 

Set up a well-defined mentorship program

You should pair your new employees with a mentor as soon as they join your company. This pairing up should be done on the basis of their job function and tenure. During this hand-holding session, a mentor who belongs to your old team should share the best practices and guide him on how the new employee should be functioning in his new role. However, a company should be continuously tweaking their mentorship program to make sure that they are up-to-date with the existing practices and make sure that they are providing the finest services to the customers.

Skill Assessment

Evaluation of the new employees should be done to ascertain the level of their skills so that you can determine the level of training needed by them within the first one month of their employment. This skill assessment should be there as a component of your mentorship program or they can be conducted separately. 

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Why to Implement Audio Response System in a Corporate Event

Today an audio response system has to be carefully implemented for the successful execution of a corporate event in many organizations. It is not an easy task always to find a way of collecting responses, especially in a training course, a business conference or any other corporate event. 

In case you want to be certain that the audience had a say during a conference and you have in your possession the best representative data set with respect to the responses from the participants, using a good audience response system is an apt mechanism for conducting electronic voting.

You can be also assured of data accuracy when you use such a system for any type of corporate event. This voting device is usually a hand-held one and allows active participation of audience thereby being used as a polling system. It allows the delegates to cast their votes on the basis of a set of questions that are summarized on a slide while the presentation is going on. 

Each member in the audience can press the button that correspond the selected response. All the audience responses are immediately collected by a special receiver device and then can be represented in the form of a catchy chart or graph and integrated within that presentation.

Two Advantages of Hiring a Tour Guide System on Rent

A tour guide system comes extremely handy when audio reinforcements are a must especially in situations where a speaker’s voice must be clearly audible despite the background noise and the distance. For instance, it is quite useful during a factory tour. 

Here are some of the advantages of hiring a good tour guide system on rent:

1. Renting lets you customize your tour guide system for each event.

Purchasing such a system can be more expensive when you have to go on adding the number of receivers and transmitters continuously. Moreover, it is not easy to estimate the exact number of tours or other such occasions when you will need a tour guide system. Moreover, if you make the mistake of overestimation, you may end up spending more than what is needed.

When you rent, you are assured of getting a system that can exactly fit your audience size and the total number of group leaders and interpreters. 

2. You can do away with hidden expenses of purchasing when you take a tour guide system on rent.

Though organizations get benefit in terms of long term cost and especially when they have plans of several back-to-back trips when they purchase their own tour guide system, it is important to note that there are hidden costs when such devices are purchased such as maintenance and storage costs. One of the key hidden costs is to keep your system always up to date. 

Monday, 8 August 2016

Things Employees Want To See In A Good Training Program

For many employees who have a tight working schedule and work under tremendous pressure, an online learning module may come quite handy rather than to attend training at a traditional learning environment. For all those busy employees who try to do a balancing act between their personal and professional lives, an online training course may actually come as a big blessing.

But there are other employees who despite the high flexibility and convenience, prefer to attend a classroom training in a traditional setup rather than completing an online course. 

Various studies have proved that there are many organizations that give more weight-age to provide training only to their fresh employees and workers who join in the entry-level positions. There is no denying the fact that it is crucial to provide training to employees with less experience but research has proved that if well-devised training programs are conducted at various levels in a company, is has a direct and significant impact on the long-term performances of employees as well as to the organization. 

Organizing training programs at various stages will also enable the existing manpower to enrich and broaden professional expertise all through their careers. While designing a fruitful training program for the employees, the training department should weigh the various requirements and benefits and then make a decision. 

Why Is Industry Specific Training Important For Your Business?

Since jobs and the economic climate today are highly volatile and unpredictable, subject matter specialists or domain experts are the need of the day. Domain knowledge today has become an important part of your resume. An employer today would definitely not take risk or making errors when their talent acquisition process is on and that is where an industry specific training comes into the broader picture. The need of an industry specific training is even more critical in today’s competitive and fast paced industry.

As a consequence of the rapid development in technology with an ever-increasing speed of digitization, there have been fundamental changes in the product life-cycles, as well as, in the entire industrial sector as a whole. At times, even when there are small alterations in the environment, the entire business model may also become obsolete even after being successful for decades.

The real challenge before a training function in the human resource department in an organization is how to choose the right industrial training for its employees. Moreover, as an employer, you need to also consider the various aspects of a long-term planning involving all those experienced industrial employees who will retire in the coming 5 years. 

The type of industrial training that each employee will be given depends on the nature of their job responsibility.