Monday, 25 April 2016

Importance of Good Service in Event Management

In event management, you have to deal with people from different walks of life. You will also have to handle human idiosyncrasies and behavior that need diplomatic and tactful skills.

The role not only involves interacting with various kinds of human characteristics, it also signifies the performance of event handling from beginning to end. Some of its stages include creativity, managing work flow, budget management and event planning. It goes without saying good service is a prerequisite in event management.

Tips for offering reliable event management service

Service evaluation of an event organizer is not only done by client companies but also by the attendees and participants of the event. Praises and areas of improvements become clear when there is a regular feedback system. You can collect this kind of feedback by conducting surveys after the conclusion of an event.

Proper attention should be paid

This is especially relevant while the client and the event organizer are meeting each other. An event manager needs to record all the discussion points so there is no conflict during and after the event. If the client finds there are certain inadequacies, constructive suggestions can be offered to the event management company. This will make sure the planning stage is more successful next time.

The staff should be trained well

An event management company should give the highest priority to the training of its frontline staff such as the marketing team or those who are usually engaged in the process of registration as they are the first teams who interact with the attendees and client first.

By implementing these tips, slowly and steadily, an event management company can inculcate
the principles of good service.

Importance of Audio Visual Equipment in a Successful Conference

If an organization makes proper use of audiovisual equipment, clearly audible messages can be shared with the audiences and interaction can be encouraged. This is beneficial for the company because the impact of the presentation will be longer, whether it is an educational content or an important sales message.

There have been tremendous advancements in tools for creating presentations and videos. This has led to newer opportunities for utilizing the AV equipment to their maximum capacity.

The technology used in the latest AV equipment can add life to the content of a presenter. Audiences can connect to the messages behind a presentation better if you employ means such lighting, enhanced interaction, sound and visual content to get the message across.

Here are some things to consider before you bring in audio visual equipment.

The type of venue where the particular event is being hosted 

  • What is the capacity of the space? 
  • Is it being held outdoors or indoors? 
  • Ease of work within the selected space with respect to traditional layout, lighting, power, and access. 

What will be the audience size? 

  • Depending on the number of participants, you may require multiple screens and advanced audio systems.

Have you defined the goals of the presentation? Will it be a corporate message or something related to sales or education?

  • What software application will be used for creating the presentation? Is there a dedicated content manager in your company to take care of this?

If you can answer these questions before you use audio visual equipment in your conference, you will improve your chances of success.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Virtual Meetings- a Reality Today!

There was a time when virtual meetings were regarded as science fictions but today, they are very much part of a reality. In a simple sense, in virtual meetings, there are phone calls between several people. If a virtual meeting needs to have success, good audio is quite crucial for the success of the meeting. The subsequent step would be using a fixed station or a desktop for video streaming and the process of data staring that can be even done over Skype programs. After the beginning of a high-quality video, uniform sized screens should be used to make sure that  everybody’s face is of a similar size, and the participants can have a virtual eye contact with one another, the systems become complicated and costlier.

The software demands and the cost of such systems may be higher. However, they can commensurate as travel expenses can be saved that would have cost a huge amount of money to a company’s balance sheet. Moreover, when a physical headquarter for the company is not needed, a startup organization may feel that the cost of virtual meetings is worth it for initiating an animated and virtual headquarter that can be accessed by people from all over the world.

In recent years, many organizations have embraced the virtual path especially after the economic meltdown in 2009 that forced many of them to cut their travel budgets and look out for less expensive alternatives. 

How to Select a Good Voice-over Service

While there has been recent mushrooming of innumerable voice-over service providers in the market, choosing the right one can make all the difference in your business endeavor. Having said so, it is not an easy task to choose a good voice-over service from many.

Check out some of the easy tips for choosing a good voice-over service for your business.

Opting for a reputed brand helps

Before short listing a good voice-over service, you should make sure that you have chosen a voice that has an ability to reflect the overall image of your brand. Remember that while a good voice-over service can enhance your brand image, a sub standard one can ruin the image that you had managed to build up after years of hard work.

Prior experience or high rating should be given preference

Ideally, it is beneficial for any organization to hire a voice-over service that has prior experience in the related field. You can check on their past voice-over assignments and check their websites too for procuring additional information. You can also ask for demos or testimonials to know the quality of the voice-over service provided by them. Be sure to hire one that can give you the results you want for 

Tips for a Successful Web Meeting

Today, many organizations conduct their business operations through online meetings.  Sophisticated and advanced equipment are becoming easier to operate and seamless integrations are now possible with more powerful features than ever before. Even executives who are in transit mode can find out a quite place or a rest stop and be a part of an online meeting with the help of their smartphones.
In fact, web conferencing can be quite a revelation. Alternatively, it can also be wastage of time for some companies if implementations are not done properly. The technological benefits of a web meeting will have no meaning if they are disorganized, too brief, and too long or are ineffectual and inefficient. It also means that just as everyone needs to follow the attributes of a great physical meeting, the same should be followed in a web-based meeting.

Here are some of the tips for making your web conferences a great success. 

  • A “go-to” individual should be available who would be having the central focus while the meeting is organized.
  • Be cautious while preparing a PowerPoint presentation. The slides should be relevant, to the point and compelling.
  • Participants should be aware about the topics to be covered in a web meeting.
  • Ensure that everyone is familiar with the technology to be used for running a web-based meeting. 
  • Practice and then test the presentation prior to the start of a meeting.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Benefits of Hiring a Tour Guide System

A good tour guide system aims to facilitate audio reinforcement in certain situations especially when the voice of the speaker should cut across background noise and distance. Such noises are a common phenomenon during a factory tour.

The function of a tour guide system is not only to help a speaker to save his or her voice, but it also ensures that the attention of the listeners does not get distracted. Not only is it a great support during the tours, but it can also satisfy requirements for ADA so that the hearing impaired can also be accommodated during public meetings.

Hidden costs for buying can be avoided when you rent a good tour guide system

There is no doubt that when a company purchases a tour guide system, it offers a cost benefit to it especially if it is planning to conduct multiple tours. But there may be several hidden costs associated with a tour guide system such as maintenance and storage costs.

However, one of the most relevant hidden costs is to keep a tour guide system always up to date and that need to be done by buying extra components or even through upgrades of obsolete systems. Technological advancements lead to the arrival of new systems every now and then and this can be a significant cost. When an organization hires a tour guide system, such problems can be easily bypassed.

A tour guide system can be customized according to the event type when you hire it

It is not a simple task to estimate the size and nature of the events for the next one to two years in the future. In case you make a wrong estimation or tend to overestimate, overspending may follow suit. Hiring a tour guide system ensures that a company gets a system that can fit according to the exact size