Monday, 8 August 2016

Why Is Industry Specific Training Important For Your Business?

Since jobs and the economic climate today are highly volatile and unpredictable, subject matter specialists or domain experts are the need of the day. Domain knowledge today has become an important part of your resume. An employer today would definitely not take risk or making errors when their talent acquisition process is on and that is where an industry specific training comes into the broader picture. The need of an industry specific training is even more critical in today’s competitive and fast paced industry.

As a consequence of the rapid development in technology with an ever-increasing speed of digitization, there have been fundamental changes in the product life-cycles, as well as, in the entire industrial sector as a whole. At times, even when there are small alterations in the environment, the entire business model may also become obsolete even after being successful for decades.

The real challenge before a training function in the human resource department in an organization is how to choose the right industrial training for its employees. Moreover, as an employer, you need to also consider the various aspects of a long-term planning involving all those experienced industrial employees who will retire in the coming 5 years. 

The type of industrial training that each employee will be given depends on the nature of their job responsibility. 

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