Thursday, 24 November 2016

Steps for Getting Success as a Freelance Translator

Getting success as a freelance language translator is tougher than becoming a language translator. The career path for a freelance language translator is quite interesting. There will be different perspectives for different freelance translators.

There are many people who feel that freelance translation is an excellent career option as it offers a host of benefits like flexibility choose or leave clients as per the wish and freedom of working. While many take it up as a full-time career option, there are others who feel it is an excellent way of spending their leisure time while earning some extra bucks. In a nutshell, it is an appealing profession for many.

While language translation is an extremely satisfying job in itself, the life of a freelance language translator can be quite an interesting one,
So, how can you become a successful freelance successful language translator?

Step 1: You need to build a solid foundation

It is not possible to rake a direct leap from a language translation school to the world of freelancing translation. Most recruitment agencies are nit that willing to hire fresh graduates since they are relatively inexperienced. Moreover, without much experience, it will be difficult for you to have the necessary connections for seeking out clients.

Thus your first step towards becoming a freelance translator will be to get an entry level job as a translator in a company. Though your salary may not be well, it will give you an opportunity to do your job under a superior who will be helping you out by revising, as well ad, editing the translations done by you. It will be an excellent learning experience for you.

Step 2: Advance planning

After you have gathered some years of experience in the world if translation, you are now all set to approach translation agencies and new clients who work with freelance language translators.

How to Build an Effective Corporate Learning Portal?

An effective corporate learning portal should ideally act as a storehouse for different types of training resources, courses, and other tools that help in employee learning and teaching, In actual terms, a corporate learning portal is a website, which can act as a valuable resource for learning and teaching materials, Typically, most of the organizations need to get two different kinds of learning strategies developed one for the fresh recruits and the second type of the ongoing training of their existing employees.

The corporate goal in terms of learning strategy should be to make sure that all the employees should be able to do their jobs well and discharge their responsibility efficiently so that they can go high up on their corporate ladders. 

A learning portal should be developed in a manner to personalize employees' learning experience

In present times, a well developed corporate learning portal is the best way through which employees, new or existing, can learn the content which is relevant not only for them but also for their organizations.

Help in reinforcing brand values

A well-developed corporate learning portal should provide opportunities to the employees to introspect and give commitments to change their behaviour as an integral component of this online learning process. Thus, it should provide an ideal chance for reinforcing the values represented by a brand.

What Future Has In Store For Event Technology?

The advancements in technology have made lives simpler in various ways. So, it really means sense that you are thoroughly updated with the changes that take effect on the gadgets that mean a lot to you. This phenomenon is especially true in the field of event management technology. There is no wonder why in recent years, there has been a remarkable growth in technology-related events.

Check out some of these trends that may change the field of event management technology in the future.

Improving the level of participant engagement

Once upon a time it did happen that when the speakers spoke, the audience largely remained passive. Today, it is courtesy technology that the scenario has undergone drastic changes. There are sophisticated tools that enable the attendees to take notes and view presentations.

Use of Big Data

In the past few years, the implications of Big Data have been a favourite topic for discussion across various forums. It may have a great deal of impact in the future of event management technology. For instance, an event organizer can make use of Google Analytics for finding out the registration is bring impacted by which particular online campaigns or are bring covered across various social media platforms. Alternatively, the participants' movement can be tracked with the help of Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi to know which events they will visit.

Must-Have Properties of Event Management Technology

Event management activities have become an essential part of marketing strategies in the corporate world today. One of the prime aims of the marketers is to enhance the experience of any event organized by their companies. Today, an increasing number of marketing professionals are realizing how crucial is the role of an event management technology is. Though the technology is usually reserved by professionals who plan the events, event technology is progressing beyond the planning stage and is instrumental to assume the role of helping in building up the brand and generating leads. Here are a few must-have essentials to support the marketing goals of an organization. 

Mobile app

The platform for your event management must feature a mobile component integrated into it to enable you deploy any mobile app easily and rapidly for all events. It is better to seek out for all such web-based mobile apps that can be generated automatically when each event is set up by you. This app should have the ability of offering access to all announcements easily, appointment schedules, critical information on events and social media feeds.

Integrate automated marketing system

A majority of the organizations spend a major chunk of their marketing budgets in organizing events. So it is critical for the marketers to track the ROI from the amount spent. When event management is integrated with an automated marketing system, the data that is churned out can be utilized for enhancing the company's revenue cycle and also help in making the events more effective.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Why It Is Important To Hire A Good Simultaneous Interpretation Company For International Seminars?

The entire process of simultaneous interpretation requires the highest levels of proficiency in both the source and target language to be able to provide the level of quality that is required for such tasks so it is of little wonder why this interpretation technique is such a challenging and demanding job to execute with finesse and accuracy. Simultaneous interpretation needs lots of focus and can be quite taxing on the part of the interpreters who carry out the exercise. But how does this technique work?

A presenter addresses on the microphone that is linked to the booth of the interpreter. The latter has to follow the presenter and do its interpretation via another microphone that can transmit a signal that is received by the audience through their headphones.

But why is simultaneous interpretation important?

Simultaneous interpretation is crucial even when there is a since participant in an event who is unable to understand the address being made by the presenter because he or she is speaking in a foreign language.

For instance, you are organizing an international conference in English. However, there are many participants who do not understand English and speak a foreign language. So they are unable to understand what the speaker is saying. In such scenarios, you would be best served by engaging the services of a reputed simultaneous interpretation service provider and necessary equipment for translation.

How Consecutive Interpretation is different from simultaneous interpretation?

While both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation is different forms of interpretation services, there is a big difference between the two.

In the case of a consecutive interpretation service, an interpreter has to wait till the time a speaker has completed speaking his sentence. The interpreter then translates the words of the speaker in the target language. Ideally, when the setting is more formal, the segments get usually longer too. Thus the interpreters should be well trained in special memory techniques and develop and practice note taking.

Consecutive interpretation is most apt for all such cases when the group is smaller relatively and there is a need to provide a special personal touch. Some examples are teleconferences, interviews and business meetings. It could be also an exchange between only two persons.

On the other hand, simultaneous interpretation is an interpretation technique wherein the message is translated from the source to the target language as quickly as possible. This is a technique wherein the interpreter listens to the speaker, and provides immediate simultaneous translation in the target language even before the concerned speaker has completed speaking. This technique of interpretation is very popular in at international forums, particularly government level meetings like the United Nations or G10 meetings.

Why Could One Become A Language Interpreter?

There are several interesting reasons why you can consider opting for getting a language interpreter. Check out some of these reasons mentioned below.

It is a booming field with opportunity for a great career

A recent study has revealed that translators and interpreters have an exciting time ahead professionally as there is a growth projection in their employment opportunities by a whopping forty-six percent in 2022 from 2012. This growth percentage is faster than the mean projected growth rate for all other occupations. The projected growth in employment could be due to an increasing globalization. It could be also due to a massive boom in the number of people who cannot speak English.

It is an ever changing and extremely challenging option for your career

When you work as a language interpreter, every task will have its own unique set of challenges. You have an option of broadening your mastery over language skills in more than single working language.

You can get tremendous job satisfaction

In the United States alone, there are an estimated twenty-four million people who literally struggle while conversing in English. Every day, you can help all these people as a language interpreter for communicating with doctors, cops, firefighters among others and save lives of innumerable people.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Merits of Working as Freelance Proofreader

When a job is a mix of fun, passion, and good pay, there is simply nothing like it. Working as a freelance proofreader can be fun but it is not without its share of challenges, 
Check out some of the merits of working as a freelance proofreader.

You can enjoy a flexible schedule

Working as a freelance proofreader gives you the flexibility of working according to your own schedule. Moreover, you can opt for it as an additional career so that it could supplement your primary income. At the same time, it can also be your primary career. There are many who have some other career and complete their proofreading assignments when they have free time.

It is possible to work from home or from any other location

This is another great benefit of working as a freelance proofreader. You need not commute to a distant location every day in rush hours and work. The only requirement for you is to have access to the internet and that is it. You can work from anywhere and everywhere.

You do not have to report to a boss

Another beauty of working as a freelance proofreader is you need not report to anyone in particular. While you can work for only a specific client, there is also an option for you to have many clients simultaneously. 

You need to invest very little time for getting your clients or projects

There is no scarcity of proofreading jobs that are available today ranging from proofreading for websites to quick checking of documents and blog posts.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Merits of Choosing Editing As Career

Good content is not only the outcome of good writing but also the result of efforts put by professional editors having several years of experiences. An editor is accountable for ensuring the publication quality, be it online, print media or any other media. An editor needs to read the draft articles to ensure that the styling parameters, the accuracy with respect to representing facts, grammar rules are followed by his or her writers.


When one decides to take up editing as his or her profession, there is a great degree of freedom. Imagine the independence of selecting where you work from. So, you can get your job done even from one of the coffee shops or a cyber café too. Moreover, you will also enjoy the liberty of making your own decisions while editing the drafts. Though, such a responsibility could be daunting for some people, there are others who may feel it is exciting, especially after taking direct instructions from superiors.


As compared to many other professions, editing offers the prospect of a great deal of mobility. All cities having writers will definitely require good editors. Today, there are many companies, that also offer editors a chance of telecommuting. Now, this implies an editor need not be physically present in the same place where the organization is situated. He or she can do the editing jobs online.

How Training Programs In Modern Workplace Can Be Effective?

If you head the training division of an organization, you need to make sure that all the employees are properly equipped with the essential job-related knowledge and skills so that their productivity can be maximized. You need to appreciate the fact that the most precious assets of your organization are your own employees.  When you train them well, you are actually trying to make sure that your organization enjoys a consistent growth. Thus, training your employees is critical for the growth of your business. 

Training programs should be thorough

Training programs for employees should always cover the fundamental skills that are needed by them for being productive in their work. Today anyone can shoot videos using their hand-held devices. The recorded content can then either be shared at a local level or in the entire organization. 

Increase accessibility of training materials

For any years, training was delivered to employees through study materials that were made available to them in printed form. The participants were expected to go through those spiral bonded documents. these actually proved to be barriers to effective training for employees as they got bored. Today, more and more organizations are coming up with innovative training solutions to make the training programs more interesting. Training solutions through mobile technology is one such good initiative in this direction.