Thursday, 24 November 2016

How to Build an Effective Corporate Learning Portal?

An effective corporate learning portal should ideally act as a storehouse for different types of training resources, courses, and other tools that help in employee learning and teaching, In actual terms, a corporate learning portal is a website, which can act as a valuable resource for learning and teaching materials, Typically, most of the organizations need to get two different kinds of learning strategies developed one for the fresh recruits and the second type of the ongoing training of their existing employees.

The corporate goal in terms of learning strategy should be to make sure that all the employees should be able to do their jobs well and discharge their responsibility efficiently so that they can go high up on their corporate ladders. 

A learning portal should be developed in a manner to personalize employees' learning experience

In present times, a well developed corporate learning portal is the best way through which employees, new or existing, can learn the content which is relevant not only for them but also for their organizations.

Help in reinforcing brand values

A well-developed corporate learning portal should provide opportunities to the employees to introspect and give commitments to change their behaviour as an integral component of this online learning process. Thus, it should provide an ideal chance for reinforcing the values represented by a brand.

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