Sunday, 25 December 2016

How Singapore Is Pushing For More Translation Jobs

Singapore in a multilingual country and the need for translators are becoming increasingly important to bridge the communication gap. This year Han Kang from South Korea won the Man Booker Prize for her book “The Vegetarian”.  Half of the prize money was awarded to the translator of the book Deborah Smith without whose help the book would not have gained worldwide popularity. Apart from translation Literature, translators are getting recognized in Singapore as some of the major contributors to society.

Singapore has become a hub for many centers and schools that teach and prepare individuals for translation jobs. Lee Yew Leong, a Taipei-based businessman, has gained immense popularity for his online journal and has even won a London Book Fair Award. His translation services have helped many Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans alike. There are many other such examples which show the growing popularity of translation services and how they can be used to help people. The Singapore government has taken the initiative to allow more and more people to take up translation jobs. Schools, colleges and dedicated centers are provided translation courses for a variety of different languages. It is expected that in the coming years, the popularity of translation jobs will grow further and become one of the most sought after jobs in Singapore.

Hong Kong’s Wechat Event Management Platform: Uses And Limitations

Hong Kong’s MarTech startup company WeMine launched its first WeChat event management platform, WeAct. The platform is a one stop solution for event-related managements and includes trade shows, business meetings and even music festivals. The platform works on the native WeChat app and does not require a separate download. There are no updates required and users can use it without any interruption. The platform is highly customizable and sociable. The main advantage of the platform is that it is easily accessible to over 760 million people who use WeChat. The highlight of the new platform is that it allows users to skip through complex registration processes and keep guests organized as per their requirements. It also allows event managers to bookmark an activity and follow real-time updates on their phones.

WeAct is easy to use and is slowly gaining popularity among event managers but most people still prefer to do things the traditional way. One of the biggest reasons for this is the live social interaction with people from different walks of life. Another reason is that people don’t want to completely rely on mobile applications for important events. Then there is the question of audience. It is impossible to say how many people might attend an event based on data provided by an app.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Bloggers Should Know These Proofreading Tips

Many people take up blogging or writing as their career by chance. However, times are changing and there are innumerable websites that are hiring professional and experienced editors and writers these days.

So, here are some of those handy tips for proofreading.

Read loudly and then silently whenever you have time

Sit in a quiet place and read your articles loudly and then silently when you have time.

Proofreading is not same as editing

Editing is slightly different from proofreading. While editing a document, an editor usually makes a revision in the existing content or improves sentence structures. On the other hand the proofreading process involves fine-tuning the content and checking it for correctness of punctuation, spelling and grammar.

Request someone to go through your post

Look out for someone who is able to read well and request him to proofread your content.

All mistakes are not the same

Online writers to should appreciate the difference between writing academic essays and writing for the net. In case you make any mistake intentionally, there should be a valid reason for doing so. While you can overlook some rules while writing online, you should be sure that it will be effective and why you have decided to do it.

Thorough research on the selected topic

Avoid writing on a topic if you have not conducted proper research on it,

Why Cross Cultural Training Is Beneficial For Business?

Interpersonal relationships and communication can get hampered due to differences in cultures. Today, businesses are expanding their operations beyond the geographical boundaries and people from diverse cultures need to interact and communicate with each other for making crucial decisions and improved performance. The aim of cross-cultural training is to create awareness among all those people where there is an absence of common cultural platform so that there is no miscommunication and improved relationships.

Businesses can receive several benefits from a good cross-cultural training.

Promotes self-learning

Through training like this, employees get valuable information on their cultures, global views and preconceptions that they would not have deliberated otherwise. Such a training program facilitates learning about themselves while they learn about the culture of others. 

Builds up confidence level

A cross-cultural training program helps in promoting self-confidence in different teams and within individual employees by making sure that they are empowered by a feeling of greater control to overcome tough challenges in their workplace.

Removing the barriers

Barriers may exist in form of prejudices, misconceptions, and false beliefs. Such emotions can hamper your understanding and relationships with other people. The demystification of a different culture can be done through a cross-cultural training program. When one learns more about a different culture, obstructions melt away enabling greater dialogue and open relationships.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Top Benefits of Digital Publishing

Reading and storing electronic versions of documents are extremely convenient for inline readers, Moreover, they help in being environmental friendly since the creation, as well as, distribution process, do not require cutting down of trees. The merits of digital publishing are many since they provide an opportunity to create more interesting content with higher level of interaction. 

Check out some of the top merits of digital publishing

Does not compete with print versions

This is one of the biggest benefits of digital publishing. It does not compete with a print edition. Several studies have indicated that while readers are fond of digital content today, they are not averse to reading printed magazines if available.

Saves both cost and time

Online publishing offers many advantages to the publishers in terms of both cost and time. It is less costly since there is no cost incurred for distribution or printing content. Moreover, contrary to losses incurred due to magazines remaining unsold, such risks do not exist. Since the distribution of online or digital content us done via web, readers can view them immediately. Thus, it is a much faster process than the distribution and publication of print editions. 

Increased engagement of readers

Digital content can be viewed on mobile devices and readers making them more convenient. Users can easily access them anywhere and anytime.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Future of Language Translation

If you are fond of learning new languages, you can have a great future ahead of you in the field of language translation and interpretation. This has become possible due to tremendous advancement in the area if global travel and worldwide businesses. Many countries, all over the world have a lot of demand for translators and interpreters than ever before. 

One of the reasons for the rapid growth if the translation and interpretation industry us the language translators can use their skills through various flexible ways in their daily lives. If you become a language interpreter or a translator, you can opt to work for general application or can also specialize in a particular language. 

In many nations there are innumerable languages that are spoken by people and so there is a huge need of socialized language translators for bridging the gap between various linguistic and language barriers, 

With the increase in communication through global technology, the demands for language translators will be o the rise. Organizations, irrespective of their sizes will take leverage of the chances offered by globalization such as fresh overseas market and socialists who may be residing remotely.

With the advancement in technology, the world is getting smaller through better connectivity. Companies gave realized that they need to do business beyond their geographical boundaries to survive the cut throat competition.