Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Bloggers Should Know These Proofreading Tips

Many people take up blogging or writing as their career by chance. However, times are changing and there are innumerable websites that are hiring professional and experienced editors and writers these days.

So, here are some of those handy tips for proofreading.

Read loudly and then silently whenever you have time

Sit in a quiet place and read your articles loudly and then silently when you have time.

Proofreading is not same as editing

Editing is slightly different from proofreading. While editing a document, an editor usually makes a revision in the existing content or improves sentence structures. On the other hand the proofreading process involves fine-tuning the content and checking it for correctness of punctuation, spelling and grammar.

Request someone to go through your post

Look out for someone who is able to read well and request him to proofread your content.

All mistakes are not the same

Online writers to should appreciate the difference between writing academic essays and writing for the net. In case you make any mistake intentionally, there should be a valid reason for doing so. While you can overlook some rules while writing online, you should be sure that it will be effective and why you have decided to do it.

Thorough research on the selected topic

Avoid writing on a topic if you have not conducted proper research on it,

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