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Future of Language Interpretation Industry

Have you ever wondered what lies ahead for the language interpreting and translating market? In fact, geographical boundaries getting blurred today as far as consumerism and businesses are concerned. Thus, there is little doubt that the interpreting and translating services space will see a significant increase in demand, especially in the next one decade courtesy globalization. After all, many organizations have realized the merits of business expansion to maximize their business profit. So, they require the services of these specialized professionals to communicate in the foreign lands in order to avoid any kind of miscommunication and misinterpretation.

How has globalization benefited the market for language translation?

It is globalization that has helped the skyrocketing of demand for the interpreting and translation services at a significant rate. Thanks to Internet, many business owners have realized the importance of being a part of the global market. Plus, increase in the use of smartphones has resulted in proliferation of innumerable handy and translated apps in so many different languages. There are many websites including Amazon and eBay that sell items cutting geographical boundaries in abundance. The boost in demand is so phenomenal that several experts are convinced that it is tough for a recession to hit the language industry. It is indeed an excellent piece of information for all those language professionals who have been in the field for quite some time.

Top Tips to Plan a Successful Event

Planning for a successful event is not a cakewalk for even the most efficient person in the world. However, if your company has designated you to plan and organize an open house, an award banquet or the next holiday bash, you need not lose your cool. Read on to know about some handy tips that will make sure that your event is smoother and more successful.

Prepare a checklist

When you prepare a checklist, it can serve as a step-by-step reference point for you for successfully executing a special corporate event.

Make a proper budget

When you have a proper budget in place, it can act as a financial blueprint for your event. It will ensure that you do not go overboard with your expenses and know your limits. You need to make sure that the budget is specific and constitutes of opportunities for revenue such as donations, ticket sales, sponsorship and so on. It should also include expense heads for speakers and other event equipment, permits, supplies, food, security, insurance and printing.

Arrange for facilities

The success of any event depends on the choice of its site and location to a great extent. You need to consider several factors while considering it such as capacity of the hall, size of the stage, address of the venue among others.

Plan for marketing and publicity

It is important to publicize and market your event and there are critical parameters for its success.

Have drinks and food in abundance

Hospitality plays a big role to ensure the success of any event. Make sure there is plenty of food and

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Why Some Businesses Spend A Lot On Remote Meetings?

The key reason why many businesses are slowly migrating towards remote meetings is to increase the strength of their remote teams so that their hiring pool is much wider than their immediate geographical location. Creating a remote team and having remote teams is not only about cutting costs. There are many companies that spend thousands of bucks every year for their remote team challenges and remote team meetings, but these meetings are over and above their other company events and annual client meetings.

Many business proprietors wonder whether there is really any kind of tangible benefit out of these remote meetings or not. They also ask whether they can get immediate financial value out of such remote meetings or not. After all, it is not unnatural for them to think about their return on investment. As far as costs are concerned, calculations have proved several times that it is definitely more cost-effective to have remote meetings rather than teams travelling to the venue to participate in meetings. Another question that is also asked quite frequently is whether remote teams really require to have physical meetings or offices at all.

Thus the remote mindset has a much wider scope than just cutting costs. In fact, when done in the right way, businesses can function more efficiently through their remote teams instead of having a physical office setup.

Professional Interpreters Should Try Out These Tips To Make Things Easier For Them

Language translation can be a rewarding and fun way to gain expertise as a professional language interpreter. No matter which two languages are chosen by an interpreter to tackle, he or she will enjoy the entire procedure of translating texts, especially when they feel passionate about their job.

Following are some tips for professional interpreters to make life easier for them:

Use More English Terminologies When In A Doubt

It is always a good idea to use English terminology if an interpreter is uncertain about translating a sentence or a word. Though it may sound unbelievable, there are several people who are quite comfortable with English terminologies.

Use Short And Crisp Sentences

Irrespective of whether you an interpreter is translating from English, German or French to another target language or vice-verse, it is essential to use clear and short sentences to make a point clear. An interpreter could be even unaware of the mistake he or she is making by speaking a very long sentence with plenty of information.

Use Online Tools

Today using online tools is a contemporary and smart way to translate texts in a foreign language. There are several platforms as well as dedicated services, which can help an interpreter efficiently and quickly.

Why Pay For Learning a Foreign Language?

A major rationale behind paying to learn a new foreign language in a good language school is to enjoy the prospect of greater job opportunity and an opportunity to earn more money. But is that perception really true? Will learning a new language enable a person to earn higher salary than before? Today, there is an availability of increased online learning resources as well as no dearth of good foreign language schools. So, there is hardly any reason why you should not pay to learn a new foreign language, When you become a bilingual or multilingual, you can not only brag out your skills in front of your colleagues and friends but can also get an edge over others and stand out in a highly competitive job market.

For example. 25 percent of people living in the U.S., claim that they are able to converse in a foreign language. In fact, there are many people all over the world who strongly believe that knowing a foreign language comes extremely handy at the workplace. Now this belief is not exactly unfounded since there is a good return on investment when a person pays to learn a different language.

When you learn another language, there is a possibility of wage increases. Plus, the skill also opens up a host of excellent job opportunities, which would definitely be much less in the case of all those employees who can communicate only in a single language. However, the benefits do not just stop here. Paying to learn a new foreign language can also keep a human brain healthy and in good shape for a longer time period.

How to Stay Away From Faux Pas in a Foreign Language?

Many language learners will have a similar story to narrate. They have often used a foreign word accidentally, which may sound similar in the English as well as in the target language and yet are completely different in their meanings, Such linguistic goof-ups are referred to as "false friends". When you are learning a new language, there is hardly a strategic way to identify your false friends. 

The reason for that is they occur without any set patterns and mostly due to coincidence. For instance, in the Portuguese language, when your superior volunteers to assist in your office presentation, it signifies that they will not assist but observe it.

On several occasions, certain words of a foreign language may appear funny to a person who is not aware of it, especially on a menu at a restaurant. But it is still important to resist the temptation of laughing out loud Why Pay For Learning a Foreign Language at that local language. The reason for that is the locals around you will consider it extremely rude.

Try to speak at a slow and measured pace, especially when you are travelling between two countries. You need to give adequate time between your mouth and brain to ensure that you are not using the wrong language in the wrong country. When you learn to avoid these common mistakes while speaking a foreign language, you can enjoy a fabulous time. Plus, you can pick up quite a few lingo while not offending the locals.

Which method works best in corporate training?

There are many organizations that are making huge investments in providing corporate training to their employees as they find it a great way to form a highly collaborative team and a mechanism to improve staff morale. There are various occasions on which the employees are taken away from their workplaces so that they can attend these training sessions without any kind of interference or distractions.

Training providers utilize a host of techniques to assist the staffs in attending the training sessions. Typically, the delegates are taken to a comparable surrounding or a classroom to get familiar with the theories or concepts prior to making them participate in case studies, games, role plays etc so that they can work collectively in a better manner.

While such techniques may sometimes work and even result in an I'm proved employee efficiency but the delegates may again go back to their old work patterns ignoring what was taught to them. It is important for a business to identify the employees who will be attending a particular corporate training. After all, certain teams in the company will derive more out of certain training modules as compared to other teams. Another popular method for imparting corporate training to the staffs is through E-learning modules. These modules can help the employees as well as their manager to be up-to-date with the training conditions in the office. 

Steps to become a successful professional interpreter

Follow the steps below to work as a successful professional interpreter in the language translation industry.

1. Get yourself certified from a reputable language institute

The first step to become a language interpreter is to get a relevant certification or accreditation from a good professional institute or a university. When you have the credentials with you, there is evidence that you have the necessary professional interpretation or translation skills in a particular language.

2. Appear for tests

It is an important step to build your resume wherein you appear in certain language proficiency tests and clear them. These proficiency tests demonstrate your fluency in a particular foreign language to the potential clients. 

3. Get relevant work experience

Your next step will be to gain adequate experience. Everyone has to start their professional career by undergoing internships or getting into entry-level jobs so that they can put their best foot forward and climb the corporate ladder. Even the language translation industry is not an exception to this rule.

4. You need to market your skills

Many interpreters and translators work on a contractual basis for their clients. You can start your own blog or a website to market your unique services and also join online communities of language professionals. You need to also ensure that your rates and resume are ready. 

5. Continue with your learning process

Throughout your progress as a language interpreter/translator, you need to keep a tab on a number of other relevant matters. You should be constantly updated about the latest industry trends for example. 

Top Secrets to Have Engaging Remote Meetings

As more companies expand their businesses with branches in different parts of the country or the globe, remote meetings have become a crucial and indispensable technique to establish communication with remote employees. Check out some of the important secrets for having engaging remote meetings.

You should be well-familiar with your remote meeting tools and should be also prepared with a plan B

It is not unusual to have the knowledge of how to send a meeting code to the remote participants so that they can key in and join a remote meeting. You may also know how to switch on a video camera. But if you know the meeting hardware and software well, it becomes simpler to use these tools more effectively. You will be also able to solve the problems faster. Rehearsals for video recording need to be done prior to a remote meeting too as it may overload the operation memory of the computer.

Be equipped with good online meeting tools

There are three essentials tools you should remember for successful online or remote meetings. These are tools for feedback, collaboration and connection. When you maintain these three essentials, your remote participants will feel more engaged and the meetings will be more successful too.

Get a shared space ready

In any actual or face-to-face meetings a certain space is shared by the participants. However, having a shared space is not equivalent to a meeting room. It may include items like shared screens, shared online whiteboard, chats and flip charts. When there is a proper mix of different shared space, there will be a positive influence on the remote participants in an online meeting.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Tips for Successful Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is frequently used in courtrooms and conferences with attendants from a multilingual environment. But it is one of the toughest skills to acquire in the field of language translation.

Following are some of the tips for making sure that simultaneous interpretation is done in an effective manner.

Ability to anticipate well

Typically, language interpreters need to do two things simultaneously. They should listen to the source language and interpret it into the target language. Hence, the skill to anticipate what will come next comes quite handy. Interpreters usually get better in this with increased experience. However, this skill can be used outside one's working field too. 

An interpreter should keep his/her brain sharp

Language interpretation is not a child's play at all. Hence a successful interpreter should prepare them well in advance for an event. An example of this can be listening to a speech as they concentrate on some other task like preparing a grocery list. It can be also a task of preparing a list of all invitees for a birthday bash. Later on, the interpreter should try to find out how much speech they can remember. While they may not get much success to begin with but with simple brain teasers like this one, their interpretations skills are bound to improve.

They should understand the diversity of culture well

Each culture is distinct since there are certain phrases and words specific to that language only. Hence understanding the culture is as important as mastering the language for successful simultaneous language interpretation.

Why Is Quality Equipment For Simultaneous Interpretation So Important?

There should be efficient and effective communication for conducting any kind of business event or meeting in a successful manner. However, it is even more crucial while you are interacting with your overseas or foreign clients. As such, simultaneous interpretation services aim to give you all the necessary resources required for the success of an event. You will have to hire simultaneous interpreters who have mastered a number of foreign languages and will help you by communicating with your clients efficiently. 

Hosting international business conferences and events can be a mammoth task. Therefore, the success of these events will rely upon your capability to communicate in an effective manner. After all, your aim is to demonstrate your audiences on how your organization can gain leverage out of productive discussions with other experts in the same industry or for service or product promotion.

The kind of Interpretation Equipment that you will use in a meeting will ascertain the effectiveness of your meeting. In case there is an equipment break-down, it can leave a negative impression on your audience. Your audience may be also confused when the messages are not transmitted properly due to the poor quality of your equipment.

More info on : Globibo Interpretation Service.

Types of Equipment needed for a Successful Event

You need special equipment to be installed for your event, which are must-haves for its success. Types of equipment that are needed for the success of an event can be categorized into three primary groups. They are event lighting, event photography and event management equipment. But when it is a question of making your equipment checklist, some important factors to consider are profile, location, size, and type of the said event.

No matter, what kind of event it is or where it is being housed, you should hire certain security personnel to provide security. At present, event videos need to be installed for audience engagement. As audience reaction is an uncontrollable factor, you need to either rent or purchase an audience response system for enhancing your final video recording. Typically, unconventional tools are finding their place in an event equipment checklist since they are regarded as specialized event equipment. 

Such equipment includes gadgets required for guest check-in and registration. Some examples of this equipment include printers, scanners, tablets, and laptops. Based on the nature of your event, the latest model of this equipment should be used. Sound equipment, video equipment, and production equipment are some of the necessary tools you need for the success of your corporate events.

More information about : Globibo Event Technology 

Working Languages For A Conference Interpreter

Understanding a language and speaking it are different ball games altogether. The difference between the two depends on how an interpreter classifies his or her working languages to a large extent. A good conference interpreter not only has expertise in speaking his or her mother tongue fluently, they are also able to understand one or multiple other foreign languages as well as the underlying culture. But it is possible that they may not have fluency in speaking these other languages that well. 

There are times when some people have a feeling that they are having trouble with finding the correct phrase or word for expressing themselves well. The same can be even tougher if it is a foreign language. It is extremely crucial for a professional interpreter to know and express the right word or phrase on all occasions though they may be under stress.

How To Classify The Working Languages?

A good conference interpreter should be able to translate messages in one language to the target language quite fast; especially in cases of simultaneous interpretation this has to be very quick. These interpreters should be able to understand fast, think fast and of course, speak the language fluently.

It is natural to find that interpreters are more fluent in some languages as compared to others. Active languages refer to those languages where they are more fluent. On the other hand, those languages an interpreter can understand well but can it speak very fluently are referred to as passive languages.

Why Is Cross-Cultural Training So Important?

As more organizations expand beyond their country's geographical boundaries, it creates new customer bases but also imposes fresh barriers that they must deal in an effective manner to get greater success. Globalization leads to increasing cross-cultural interactions, thus creating a strong need for these companies to ensure that their employees at different levels are prepared with international competency coaching and cross-cultural training.

When a company does business in an environment comprising of multiple cultures, it needs to have an in-depth understanding and awareness and proper communication with stakeholders from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds thus making cross-cultural training necessary so that positive outcomes through these interactions can be maximized.

There is a possibility that various non-verbal and verbal communication styles may lead to frustrations or cause misunderstandings eventually affecting international business relationships and lead to the reduction in efficiency and productivity due to unawareness or lack of appreciation of the differences in culture. 

Communication problems may pop not only due to linguistic differences but also due to distinctions in cultural values, which get embedded in the behavior of people albeit unconsciously.
A good cross-cultural training program can help the employees to understand their own values and of other cultures through an optimum mix of group activities, self-assessments, and trainer-led discussions.

What Should A Lawyer Know Prior To Selecting A Translation Agency?

Global economy today, is witnessing growing diversity in languages, paralegals, lawyers and various other professionals in the legal field who have greater needs of language translation and interpretation. Find out a checklist here that will give relevant interpretation and translation information to the legal professionals.

It Is Important To Realize How Legal Cases May Get Affected Due To Diversity In Culture

The court's translation and interpretation may get affected due to differences in culture. So, you should always stay away from assumptions as a legal professional. It is critical to explain and define legal terms very clearly. When you work closely with a professional interpreting service provider, they can assist you to understand and appreciate those cultural differences

Know The Risks Associated With Global Communication

With an increase in the number of multilingual countries in various parts of the world, relationships between an attorney and their clients may face different types of cultural obstacles. Whenever you need to be associated with a client who belongs to another culture, there may be a necessity to ask a number of questions. The exercise may have to be done to understand and know the personal experiences of your client in another legal system. Famous and successful multinational legal firms usually invest time to communicate with their clients well.

Hiring Interpretation Equipment For Your Conference

When you want simultaneous interpretation services for your conference, you need to also use certain specialized equipment. Such equipment enables an interpreter to isolate the presenter's voice from all other sounds in a conference room and her ken voices while she is interpreting. Such equipment also permits them to hear the presenter's voice clearly and concentrate without getting distracted. Thus an extremely precise simultaneous interpretation service can be provided and the presenter need not even have to pause in between his or her presentation. Such equipment is typically referred to as conference interpreting equipment, simultaneous translation equipment or simultaneous interpretation equipment.

Your equipment supplier should have the latest and most sophisticated interpretation equipment along with a group of expert and experienced technicians who should be always prepared while your event is in progress to make sure that the event is concluded without any hiccups. The aim is to avail a professional and smooth interpretation service at any corporate event. The goal of having expert technicians in hand will enable them to come in with instant and creative solutions so that they can adapt to the changing scenarios fast. Rich wick changes are a common phenomenon in live events like conferences.

Ideally, any equipment simpler, needs to provide the entire system that includes headsets, amplifiers, and microphones so that any type of technical hitches can be prevented.

How Does Language Interpretation Take Place In United Nations?

You may be wondering whether the United Nations employ an interpreter for all dialects across the globe. It does not do so as the presenters at the UN should make their dose he's in any one of its 6 official languages, These official languages are Spanish, French, English, Chinese, Arabic, and Russian. The interpreters of the United Nations then translate the speech into all other 5 official languages. In case a presenter does not use any of these 6 languages either because he or she is unaware of these languages or to make a political statement, they need to also bring an interpreter of their own.

The said interpreter then has to translate the presentation into any of the official languages like French or English. The other interpreters then translate from that particular translation. There is another alternative before the speaker. They are permitted to submit a written translation of the speech being made by him or her in any official language provided their speech do not deviate from the written text.

The UN makes use of simultaneous interpretation that signifies that all translations rake place instantly without any break. It is contrary to consecutive interpretation where the translator and the speaker speak alternately. The interpretation service of the United Nations always has 12.interpreters who work in six different booths. Each booth is dedicated to one official language. Both the interpreters sitting in its English booth translate in English while the French booth interpreters translate the presentation into French and so on.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Comparing In-Person Interpretation Vs Video Interpretation

In recent years, thanks to the rapid and continuous advancements in the field of technology, more companies are doing businesses across borders. Hence, language interpretation services have become extremely crucial in today's world. There are different types of interpretation services such as video interpretation, face-to-face interpretation, and telephone interpretation. The question is which one is the most superior. The answer to this question is that each type has its own share of pros and cons. The difference between in-person and video interpretation can be understood by trying to understand their features.

In-Person Interpretation

In a majority of scenarios, face-to-face interpretation is the best choice. Since an interpreter is physically present inside the room, he or she can easily read the facial expression and the body language of the speaker. Thus an in-person interpreter can easily pick up finer nuisances like when a topic requires further explanation, has a query or a speaker is confused.

Video Interpretation

Such an interpretation service can save your time or money. When you are unable to get a professional interpretation service nearby, the best option for you is to go for a video interpreting or telephone interpreting service. Video interpreting service is a remote one and is an excellent choice in emergency situations like at a hospital's Emergency Room. Cost is an important factor for choosing it since you need to spend more for ensuring the travel of a professional interpreter to your site.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Mistakes You Should Avoid While Hiring Language Interpretation Services

In recent years, there has been a big increase in the globalization of industries in various sectors. So, it is not surprising that the demand for professional interpretation services has been growing by leaps and bounds. It is especially true for those businesses that are trying to be engaged in different kinds of audience in manufacturing, legal, government and private sectors.

If you are thinking about hiring language interpretation services, it is imperative to have a proper knowledge of the errors to avoid while requesting for such services. 

Here are some of the common pitfalls you should avoid while looking out for interpretation services.

Mistake 1: Approach a bilingual friend rather than seeking out a linguist

You need to understand quite clearly from the outset that a bilingual speaker is not necessarily a good linguist. When you are serious about making sure that your language interpretation session is a grand success, it makes sense for you to invest in availing a reputable and professional language interpreter.

Mistake 2: Deciding only on the basis of price 

There are an end number of companies who decide only on the basis of price while seeking out for interpretation services. It is quite likely that the quality of translating and interpreting will commensurate with the price in all likelihood. Hence, when an interpretation service provider is asking for a very low price, you should apply great caution before finalizing your decision.

What Should A Lawyer Know Prior To Selecting A Translation Agency?

Global economy today, is witnessing growing diversity in languages, paralegals, lawyers and various other professionals in the legal field who have greater needs of language translation and interpretation. Find out a checklist here that will give relevant interpretation and translation information to the legal professionals.

It Is Important To Realize How Legal Cases May Get Affected Due To Diversity In Culture

The court's translation and interpretation may get affected due to differences in culture. So, you should always stay away from assumptions as a legal professional. It is critical to explain and define legal terms very clearly. When you work closely with a professional interpreting service provider, they can assist you to understand and appreciate those cultural differences

Know The Risks Associated With Global Communication

With an increase in the number of multilingual countries in various parts of the world, relationships between an attorney and their clients may face different types of cultural obstacles. Whenever you need to be associated with a client who belongs to another culture, there may be a necessity to ask a number of questions. The exercise may have to be done to understand and know the personal experiences of your client in another legal system. Famous and successful multinational legal firms usually invest time to communicate with their clients well.

Merits Of Interpreter Services In The Field Of Education

With the consistent growth of diverse population in many countries, there is a greater need to communicate or speak in multiple foreign languages. In fact, there are millions of students all over the world whose communication skills in English are limited, thereby affecting their education.

Following are some of the types or benefits of interpretation services in education:

C-Print/ Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART)

Although technically speaking, both C-Print and CART are not interpreting services, they are being mentioned here for being an innovative and superb solution for classrooms in schools. Such services have been specifically designed to cater to the educational requirements of hard of hearing or deaf students.

Interpreting Over The Phone

Telephonic interpreting is an extremely cost-effective, convenient and simple solution. It is an excellent service for many schools that want to call the families of students for setting up remote meetings like a psychology review, parent teacher conference or a PPT.

In-Person Interpreting

It is the most favorable and effective solution to overcome communication obstacles. Every time any interpreter gets a chance to be physically present in a room, it is easier for them to read the facial expressions and body language of the speaker thus enabling them to interpret a foreign language more effectively. In-person interpreting services also enable an interpreter to build up a personal bond with the students.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Top Selection Criteria for Conference Interpreters

You have already set the agenda for your conference and have selected your speakers. But are you aware where to get some good language interpreters? Have you thought of ways to ensure that the interpreters are of high caliber? Are you able to judge their resume well, assess their ethics, professionalism and language skills and experience level?

Criteria for selecting conference interpreters

Language combinations

The interpreters you choose should have expertise over all the languages that will be spoken at the upcoming event. Thus, they should be able to understand the different languages to be spoken at the meeting. Plus, they should be working into their mother tongue while taking another interpreter's output as their source.


The consultant interpreter of your organization should try to get in touch with those interpreters who are well-versed with the topic of the meeting as well as your organization. It is particularly applicable for specialized organizations where the meetings discuss highly technical topics. 


Different meetings will have different purposes and agenda. Thus, they would require different altitudes from the interpreters. For instance, a medical conference will need interpreters who are able to work at very high doped and glide through complicated terminology. On the other hand, the head of a state will need an interpreter who is diplomatic, flexible and discreet.

Some Key Interpretation Services Used In Olympics

There are very few prestigious sports events in the world that can match the standards of the Olympics Fames. A host of interpretation services are a part and parcel of the Olympics games so that the event is a grand success. Here are a few interpretation services that are used in the Olympic Games.

Translation of press conference

The press conferences in Olympics should run smoothly without any hiccups due to language barriers. Typically many athletes speak in their mother tongue in these press conferences while the journalists from different parts of the world will ask those questions in a number of languages. The reporters from across the globe are always on the lookout for getting a quote or a scoop from these athletes. Such a purpose creates the requirement of the presence of a number of interpreters in all the press conferences. If these language specialists would be missing, the various media events held during the Olympics will be in utter chaos,

Need of linguistic specialists

Thousands of people volunteer as language specialists so that they can interpret the languages of some of the most prominent ambassadors from foreign nations who are present at the Olympics.  They are fluent in some of the languages that will be spoken at the event so that the language barrier can be bridged between the spectators and the athletes.

Merits of Hiring Conference Interpreters

Today, an increasing number of businesses have global. Now this means that a large number of organizations have started expanding their business abroad. Going global also signifies an increasing number of business conferences and meetings between people who speak different languages thus requiring interpretation. Such a scenario is quite common particularly in a business conference where speakers of multiple languages could be participating. 

Here are some of the top merits of hiring good conference interpreters:

  • They can verify whether the available power supply can meets the needs of the various interpretation devices.
  • They can inspect the location even before a conference starts to make sure that every technical support requirement has been fulfilled.
  • Gathering event schedules, biographies of presenters, agendas or any other relevant documents so that the interpreters can fulfill their responsibility in a more efficient manner. 
  • Makes sure that all the interpreters will be ready to fulfill the requirements of the attendees.
  • You are able to concentrate on the other important aspects of the event when you rely on your team of reputable conference interpreters.
  • These interpreters can do a complete check of the sound equipment.
  • To examine the room's layout so that the most appropriate place can be established for the booth of the interpreter.

How Can You Ensure Superior Quality of Simultaneous Interpretation in a Conference?

How can you be certain about superior quality of a corporate event when you hire a simultaneous interpretation service provider? It is important for you to ensure that the interpreters are provided with the relevant materials for reference prior to the conference. Such materials may include copies of all scripts; provided the said event is scripted, present attain to be made, outlined, speech notes and speech texts. Your interpreters will also need to get accustomed to the terminologies they are likely to come across so that they are not in for a surprise with some of the terms when the meeting commences.

Another important factor to ensure for the success of your conference is to hire a reputable company, which us known to specialize in offering simultaneous interpretation services. The company you select should also have a reputation on not compromising on interpretation quality. There are quite a few companies in the market who specialize only in consecutive interpretation services and yet try to convince you to take up their services. These companies may have very little or no experience in handling simultaneous interpretation for corporate events. You need to realize that conference interpretation is a different ball fame altogether.

Lastly, do not restrict yourself to a service provider who offers you the lowest possible quote. When you decide to go for a low quote, chances are that quality will not be up to the mark.

Difference Between Simultaneous Interpretation And Simultaneous Translation

There are still some professionals and even clients in the field of simultaneous interpretation who are somewhat confused about the distinction between the terminologies of simultaneous translation and simultaneous interpretation. In fact, often these two terms are used interchangeably by these people. But they have differences and it is technically incorrect to use term interchangeably.

In the field of language, the term "translation" is used for referring to conversion of written texts from the source language to the desired target language but retaining the same meaning. To put it simple terms, language translation refers to written text.

On the other hand the term "interpretation" is used to denote the conversion of oral statements from a source language into a doe civic target language while not changing its meaning Thus, interpretation does not refer to written language but to spoken language, Though you may feel that these two terms are quite similar to one another and there is no harm in using them interchangeably, in reality, there could be some confusions if these term s are not being used in an accurate manner.

For instance, if a potential client calls a company requesting for its quotation on language translation services, the executive may make an assumption that the client is referring to written translation services instead of verbal interpretation of a presentation or a speech.

All About Briefing an Interpreter for an Event's Success

It is a known and established fact that interpreters who have been briefed well definitely do a better job. Your conference or an event's purpose may be highly relevant to the topic. While most of an event related information could be existing in some form or the other, you need to ascertain that the interpreting team has them at their disposal in advance. In fact, you can be certain of better delivery and more accuracy when you provide adequate information to the team much ahead.

So, what are the important points to be shared with your interpreting team?


You should provide the interpreting team all those documents that are available in advance.
Some of the key background documents are as follows:
  • Earlier minutes and agendas
  • Agenda of the meeting
  • Vocabulary and glossary lists
  • Provide speeches or presentations to be made by speakers in advance
  • Script of the Master of Ceremony or timeline
  • Resume of speakers
  • Abstracts of speeches or presentations
  • Any other documents that will be taken up at the event for discussion

Briefing session

You should organize a proper Question & Answer session for your interpreting team, especially when a specialized subject will be discussed. You should specify if you require any additional security measures like an immediate return of documents, immediate deletion, and encryption.

In case your company features a distinct culture with special job titles, a short introductory talk to the team will be useful.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Maximizing Your Remote Meeting Creativity

Are you using your conference rooms in the most productive manner? If not, here are some simple tips to ensure that your conferences are more productive as well as there is the maximization of creativity.

Make sure that the sharing of your remote presentation is secure and simple

According to a report, over forty-three percent of the employees stated that they worked remotely last year. The percentage of employees rocking remotely has been rising steadily. Even organizations agree that when they offer work to their remote employees, they have witnessed the increase in employee morale and efficiency. If a presentation is being showcased, displaying the relevant information in the conference room's big screen and online can be a big challenge as remote employees who are not present there physically are able to view it digitally and in a secure manner.

Cables, software, and hardware for connecting online

It can be really frustrating when all the participants are present in a conference hall for kick starting the meeting but the necessary cable goes missing all of a sudden, the availability of USB camera was overlooked or the online meeting is out of sync. In order to make sure that such omissions do not occur, your conference room should be well-equipped in advance for online connectivity. It should be also ensured that you are prepared for any type of contingencies.

Key Steps for Self-Publishing

Here are some simple and easy steps to make sure that you do the right things when it is all about publishing your own book.

You need to do a thorough research

Before you complete the first draft of the manuscript, it is imperative for you to do your research and find out what market is suitable for selling your book.

Finish the first rough draft

You should then work towards completing your manuscript's draft. For some authors, this process may take several months or years.

Look out for an editor

You need to next hunt for a professional and experienced content and copy editor, someone with whom you are likely to share an amicable working chemistry.

Finish your final draft

Peruse through your readers' feedback as well as feedback from your editor, content reviewers, and fact checkers do that your final draft is as good as possible.

Gather a team

There should be experienced professionals in your team specializing in fields of editing, illustrations, design, and layout and so on.

Designing a catchy cover

An attractive book cover matters a lot as are as catching the attraction of your potential readers is concerned. So you should hire a professional and experienced designer.

Get set for self-publishing

Your product is now all set to go to retail. This signifies that you now have to self-publish your final product.

Why Multiple Language Skills Are Good For Any Business?

Have you ever thought why many organizations prefer to recruit manpower that is skilled in more than one language? Here are some of the benefits of having employees with multiple language skills.

Full-time employees who are skilled in more than one language can win more clients

While there are several companies that depend on freelancing translators, it is found that when businesses hire dedicated language translators, they end up having stronger and better relationship with their clients. In fact, the bond becomes so strong that a business starts receiving more work through personal recommendations. Knowing multiple languages not only improves communication but it also means getting familiar with a new and different culture. There are some businesses who even consider hiring only that manpower who are skilled in a second language. The business growth can often have a direct relationship, with the teams' multilingual skills. This is especially true when a business has many multinational clients, a When an employee is able to have a proper and effective communication with a native speaking person, a business can be conducted more efficiently and faster even across complex and large markets.

Is helpful for employees to learn more

Fluency in a foreign language does not only come from passing a course successfully. There are some translation companies that encourage their employees to speak in a foreign language with each other so that they have higher fluency over that language.

Merits of Custom Elearning in Corporate Training

When you provide effective eLearning courses to your employees, a single training solution can never take care of all types of problems faced at the workplace. Although off-the-shelf and prebuilt training courses are cheaper in the short-run, they may not yield the highest return on your investment. Moreover, they may not be adequate for the most appropriate fit as per the specific knowledge or skills needed by your business. Here are some of the top merits of custom eLearning solutions for your organization.

Reliable and meaningful content

When you get a custom eLearning solution for your company, the training module can be linked to your real-life scenarios so that trainees can relate to the content easily and it is meaningful. Moreover, such learning can be easily applicable to the employees on their jobs.

Proper alignment with brand image and values

When you avail a custom eLearning training module, you get a greater opportunity to make your brand values and image stronger. For instance, your eLearning module can come with the company logo and color so that it is instantly identifiable as your organization's asset. The content can be designed in a manner so that it reflects the values of your company. Moreover, a custom eLearning course can prove to be cost-effective in the long run.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Remote Meetings Can Make Your Small Business Global

There has been a massive in tease in the percentage of remote employees in the United States of America from 39 percent in 2012 to about 43 percent in 2016. Looking at the data, the owners of small businesses should start giving more importance to remote work and especially remote meetings that can make them truly global. 

Working remotely means talent

There are various small businesses that can bring up gradation in their existing talent and thus look bigger and become global through their remote workers. Small businesses need to have a proper strategy on remote working even when it is not yet distributed entirely. Ideally, your strategy of remote work should evolve early. When you start your business with only 2 workers, it is simpler to begin remote work. 

Irrespective of the office bring physical or digital, communication is extremely important

While chat programs may be used as a substitute for physical meetings, they do not work out as well as remote meetings through video conferencing do. However, for the better effectiveness of remote meetings, you should arrange them at common working hours as remote employees may be following different time-zones. You can use online utilities like Zoom conferencing for conducting your remote meetings. Thus, it is better to shift the focus the meetings from physical to digital one.

Mistakes to Avoid while Managing a Remote Team

Does your business have remote teams? In case your company has them, you must be aware that their degree of productivity depends on your capability to manage them to a large extent. And you will agree that it is quite easy to 'manage' a remote team ineffectively or lose track of how they are performing. So, here are a few mistakes that should be avoided when you manage your remote teams. 

The performance of your remote team is not managed properly

Since a part of your workforce is operating from remote sites, they will require inspiration from you. Scheduling performance review meets and motivation has immense importance when it comes to the performance of the remote employees and the overall productivity. 

Not getting in touch with your remote workforce daily

When you get in touch with your remote teams daily, it is a way of showing them that you value their work and are interested in how they are working. It is also an indication for them that they have someone to seek support from. You can schedule the first day of the week for such touch points through remote meetings. 

Not providing weekly feedback

While feedback is crucial for all, it is even more important when you have remote teams.  In case you do not have a system of weekly feedback in place, start having it as soon as possible. You will get valuable 

Things to Know For Self-Publishing a Book

If you are interested in self-publishing your work but want to know more about it, this discussion will definitely be an eye-opener for you.

Self-publishing is not a difficult task

While self-publishing your print book is simple, doing the same for an e-book is even simpler. You can select your desired size for the book and then do formatting of your manuscript in Word so that it fits that size and then convert the doc file in PDF format. Thereafter an attractive cover page can be created by using Photoshop and again convert it into PDF format. Finally, upload the book to your preferable self-publisher. You can get a proof of your book within a fortnight by latest in case you were successful in doing the formatting correctly. Changes if any can then be added to the new PDFs. 

Rather than print version, digital self-publishing should be your preferred bet

In case, you have created a text-based book i.e., one without any pictures, illustrations or graphics and want to try out self-publishing, it is better to opt for an e-book before migrating to hard or printed copies. However, having said so, you can do self-publishing through both digital and print media

Is Empathy Training the Latest in Corporate Training Module?

Many HR experts will tell you that a business cannot survive and grow without the presence of empathetic leaders. According to a study conducted by Businessolver, 92 percent of the employees and 98 percent of the human resource professionals believe that when employers are empathetic, the employee retention rate also improves. So, it is hardly surprising that today, corporate training modules are giving immense focus on this topic. When organizations try to develop a new generation of future leaders to run the show, they need to go beyond the industry norms for relevant training material. 

It is a known fact that a majority of the college graduates are not equipped with the skills which will prepare them to do things like collaboration and teamwork. These young workers should get the training in such soft skills from their older colleagues. This needs a thorough understanding of other people as well as self. Only those employees who know how to establish a connection with other colleagues can succeed, others become sad and feel alienated. In most of the workplaces today, low level of employee engagement is one of the major problems. The most thrilling aspect of including empathy training in corporate training programs is it enables the participating employees to start thinking in a newer way.

Friday, 30 June 2017

It Is Risky For Businesses Not To Invest In Corporate Training

Small businesses are often confused when it comes to training their employees. Though they would love to see their workers productive and well-equipped, they are apprehensive that the freshly-trained manpower will leave them for more lucrative pay scales in bigger companies. However, it is a dangerous and a narrow view. When businesses are not focused on developing their human resources, they could be damaging the morale of their employees and also affecting their bottom line.

One of the reasons for such a dilemma could be because the training sector in general and the professionals who deal with corporate training and development often struggle to establish a return on investment from the corporate training programs. While the training industry imparts real and practical skills, at times these are "soft" skills. Moreover, these freshly acquired skills from the training take some amount of time to show a positive impact on the company's bottom line. 

Additionally, improvements from some corporate training could be difficult to track from one point to another. However, studies have time and again proved that a scientifically developed corporate training program definitely yields in ROI and benefits the workers as well as the organization. 

The remedy to this perception is quite simple. People who feel passionately about the benefits of corporate training programs need to speak the merits of such curriculums in terms of ROI more frequently. They should also speak about the other benefits of the training programs like better teamwork, more enlightened leaders, and satisfied workforce. ROI is that magic term that the leadership team understands and responds best.

Improving Typography In Designs

There is a common perception that typography involves only a typeface selection and choosing font sizes. The last task is to decide whether the type will be bold or regular. However, the road to good typography does not end here. A good typography designer will take into account many more details. The latter provides the designer a supreme level of control, permitting them to craft consistent and beautiful typography in the designs.

Measure is the length of line of type. The reader's eye could be tired or distracted by short lines or long lines. Optimum readability is arrived at by the measure being fixed anywhere from 40 characters to 80 characters. This is inclusive of spaces.

Leading is space between lines of type and plays a major role when it comes to readability. Lines that are spaced correctly makes it much easier for any reader to follow a type. It also improves the text's overall appearance. Typographic color is also varied by leading. The former is density of composition or tone. A number of factors like wordspacing, type, measure, size, weight and case affect leading. Longer measure means more leading. A thumb rule is to set leading two to five pt bigger than type size. The latter depends

Customized Training Benefits

Many companies spend their professional development budgets on one-size-fits-all courses where only a portion of the course material has relevance to the employee being trained. It follows that customized training is now much more wanted for both the public and private business environments. There are a number of reasons behind this way of thinking.

Customized training is fully focused towards the learner. They are crafted to meet particular learning requirements. The content with its accompanying exercises are made to bridge gap from present state to desired state. The important learning outcomes can be measured. A majority of customized training approaches start with business collaboration to comprehend where each employee stands at knowledge level and the work needed to achieve the desired results.

Cohesive teams could be built by all the staff members importing different experiences and their skill sets to their work environment. Employees, by having customized courses sent to all team members simultaneously, not only learn the key concepts and their application as team, they also comprehend the positive results of applying such applications.

Practical application is key as learners understand important concepts by connecting material to their own unique situation. The customized courses include group exercises and case studies valid to actual work environment of the participants.

Why IT Companies Like Remote Or Virtual Meetings?

Virtual meetings are highly favored by the IT companies and their professionals today. Here are a few reasons why an increasing number of IT companies are into virtual meetings today.

Saves company's money

When an IT company subscribes to a monthly business video conferencing facility, there is no need for its employees to travel for meetings. Moreover, it also eliminates the requirement for an office space for meetings. Today, devices owned by the people can easily use sophisticated. Cloud based computing without any extra costs. There are many people who are also doing away either their landline docility since affordable video calls can be made using their smartphones. Thus, the money saved can instead be used in more crucial areas.

Fresh and improved opportunities

Technology saves money but more importantly gives a handsome return on investment to the businesses. When employees have an instant access to their customers, clients, other employees, suppliers and collaborators from any place in the globe, there are more networking opportunities than ever before.

Enhanced energy efficiency

IT employees are quite aware of the impact of a friendly and cleaner environment and as such try their best to lower their carbon footprint. This effort is being accomplished through video conferencing today.

Further improvement of technology

Virtual meetings have led to an increasing number of IT companies upgrading their gadgets through Internet suppliers so that the quality of calls can be improved. They have also started baking investments in computers with better configuration.