Thursday, 5 January 2017

Secrets to Increase ROI of Corporate Training

How can you ensure that new and existing employees have the necessary skills to fulfill the evolving needs of your organization? It is not easy to deliver relevant and effective training whenever the employees require it. Designing and developing your own personalized training can be both expensive and time-consuming, Coordinating locations and scheduling among employees can be a challenging task too.

Moreover, people who usually "own" training, operations or human resources are not the same people who can recognize the specific talents and skills of their employees when they need them. Eventually, when some other department or a technical lead undergoes the process of sending requisition and receipt of specific training, productivity in terms of hours get lost. 

Identify those skills that will be needed by your company

Future cannot be predicted by anyone but it is not difficult to keep a close tab on the present trends so that you can anticipate the gap in the existing skill set of your workforce,

Show the return on investment to the top management

You need to demonstrate ROI while selling the concept of continuous learning to the leadership team. 

Continuous learning can be made a company value

It has been observed that several organizations historically view training as a chore. This responsibility can be taken by the executive leadership team so that there is a culture of learning on a continuous basis.

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