Thursday, 12 January 2017

Strategies for Effective Corporate Training

Corporate training is not a new phenomenon at all and with companies becoming highly competitive and constantly looking out for maximizing their revenues, their importance have been on the rise, The corporate training programs need to be constantly improving and refining themselves so that the satisfaction of the learners can be maximized along with the impact of the business.

Check out some of the strategies that can make your corporate training programs highly effective

Align the training program with your business strategy

Any good corporate training program should be linked to the overall business goals of the company. Any training program should not be designed or rolled out unless it can help in delivering business results. Thus, there has to be a proper alignment in between the objectives of the learning program and the business goals.

However, the degree may differ as it depends on the depth and breadth if the initiative taken by the training function. When you design a short learning program for helping the receptionists to respond to the incoming phone calls in a more effective manner without much investment made in the program's design and roll out, the link between the program and the organizational goals can be easily understood by all stakeholders.

Ascertain the expected Return on Investment in advance

The assessment process for the ROI should not begin after the learning program is done with. Prior knowledge of the ROI is extremely crucial. You should know what behavioral traits the training program us trying to alter and what type of abilities the training program will try to build up. It is also important to know what business impact the program will have.

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