Monday, 23 January 2017

Technology Trends That Will Help Shape Your Events in 2017

The field of corporate event planning has been undergoing drastic changes as compared to the paper-based and manual system that was so prevalent in the early parts of 2000's. Thanks to advancements in technology today, you will get to observe tremendous improvements in the field of event management today. These advancements have streamlined the corporate meeting systems today ensuring that jobs are accomplished easily by the event planners.

Check out some of these latest technology trends which have the potential to shape corporate events in 2017.

Multi-use Apps

Lately, the industry has just not been able to resist the temptation of using event apps. The days of heavy and paper-based event guides that were given to the attendees for explaining the various activities, furnishing the speaker information and laying down the event schedule are gone now. The event apps that are in use can seamlessly incorporate all such aspects.


It stands for Radio frequency identification system. The technology not only makes the registration time fast but while incorporated in events can be helpful for both quantitative and qualitative data analysis. Thus, it becomes easy for the event planners to pinpoint what clicked during an event and what failed. This will in turn help to improve the number of repeat attendees.

VR or Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is also a technology, which is relatively new but can transform the future of corporate events. Today, a virtual information booth is an in thing to have at a conference or a business meeting.

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