Monday, 23 January 2017

Top Corporate Training Pitfalls to Avoid

Any corporate training project has its own set of obstacles and challenges like adherence to a strict deadline or the problem of arranging plenty of course materials at a short notice. Such challenges can make conducting a corporate training successfully even for the most experienced training managers. Check out some of the top challenges that are usually observed during corporate training. 

The training objectives or goals are not defined properly

Even before designing or creating the training modules, a training manager should have clarity on what needs to be achieved through the training delivery.

Training modules and courses are text-heavy

In several cases, the course or training modules depend excessively on text. But too much the text will definitely bore or overload the participants. A good corporate training program should only focus on the relevant content and should be concise in written form. 

Inadequate on-the-job examples or scenarios

Learners should get a clear idea about how the newly acquired skills can be used while doing their work. So, giving real-life examples is very important. They should apply the acquired knowledge practically. Only then they can get proper benefits from the corporate training process. But it has been observed that many times, corporate training programs end up being too theoretical.

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