Thursday, 5 January 2017

Top Language Translation Trends

If you are interested in knowing about the current trends in the language translation industry, take a look at the following.

Higher consolidation

This is an age of acquisitions, mergers, and cheap money so consolidation has been in vogue. The bigger names in the translation industry have been including specialist and rapidly growing Language Service Providers in their kitty so that their range of services are extended and they can take the benefit of the current momentum.

The investors seem to be quite interested in the localized companies while recognizing them as the key propellers in the global business growth.

There is a growth in the voice-based content

While this is not a new trend in the language translation industry, it is exhibiting an increasing trend along with the growth in video. But all companies will not be able to create the same video for different cultures and languages. This is where increasing use of voice-overs and subtitles come into the picture. The requirement of greater multimedia skills will keep growing and there is a need for the organizations to understand in a better manner about the ways to hire good voice talent and deploying technologies of text-to-speech.

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