Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Common Errors That Organizations Commit In Their Corporate Training Programs

The scope if training has undergone tremendous changes in the recent years. It is no longer just creating an opportunity for the human resources to develop new skills. Learning & development has now become an enterprise's mission-critical process. So, the training function just cannot afford to commit mistakes as they can prove to be expensive ones.

Check out some of the common errors that many organizations commit in their corporate training programs.

Training modules do not include adequate 'real life' case studies

This is one of the most common errors that are made during the process of training delivery. The delivery tends to be both dry and theoretical and does not cover the day- to- day concerns that participants face while discharging their duties. Studies have demonstrated that if the participants are exposed to 'reality-driven' training, they gain valuable and practical knowledge that can be useful in their real-life situations.

The budget for training is taken for granted

Though the training budget may be there in your organization for some years, you should never feel that it will not be changed. When any business goes through a crisis, the management tends to curtail the budget allocated for training. You need to ensure that there is a clear and well-connected link between the participant's improved productivity and training. After all, your superiors should realize that whenever they slash the training budget, productivity can also get hampered. This link can be demonstrated to your superiors by conducting training evaluation and also tracking the outcomes with respect to increased performance, knowledge gain and employee engagement.

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