Sunday, 5 February 2017

Don't Let Your Message Get Lost In Translation

The process of conducting a successful communication can be quite a complex and delicate one. Apart from the right mix of empathy, you need to also have some charisma too.

As far as marketing is concerned, the key point will be to encourage the message's recipients to respond positively by purchasing the product you or your company is offering to the target customers. While speaking your own language or when interacting with consumers from a similar cultural background, may be easy to get a positive answer from them, but the same may not be true while communicating with global consumers who speak different languages.

Here are some tips to make sure that your message does not get lost while translating.

Knowledge of the company's goals and values

There are very few companies that make the effort of clearly defining what they and their businesses are all about. But when a linguist has to put across your message in a proper manner, you should provide them with a detailed explanation of what the nature of the operation is. 

Translation directions should be given in a straightforward manner

Though many entrepreneurs and organizations may not be fond of the concept of labeling, it really pays off as far as localization is concerned. That is the reason why a translation menu should have two key "labeling lists" namely glossaries and do-not-translate lists.

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