Monday, 20 February 2017

Mistakes to Avoid When E-Learning Is Used In Corporate Training

The recent few years have witnessed a drastic migration from training delivered at classrooms to PC-based training. The latter is also known as e- learning. Computer-based training provides a host of benefits to the organization as well as the people who are employed there. One of the key benefits of corporate training through an e-learning program is to help in creating a global team.

As a result, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of contingent workers. E-learning also decreases traveling costs of the participants and offers greater flexibility as compared to the conventional training courses. Another major advantage of computer-based training is that it helps in just-in-time learning. Moreover, use of new tools and constant updates has become much easier than before. 

But though e-learning offers an array of merits, some problems may while implementing it. Here are some of those mistakes which the training team should avoid while executing a training program through an e-learning module.

The training goals and objectives are not defined well

The training function must make sure that the results and goals of an e-learning module should be developed and well articulated prior to its implementation. When the goals are well-articulated before development, it enables the expected outcomes to act as a clear roadmap while developing individual module.

Failure to connect with the target audience

While doing away with the conventional classroom environment, the training team of an organization should ensure that the substitute e-learning module is interesting. Excessive use of text should be avoided at all cost while making sure that the text used is grammatically correct and well written. It is also necessary that a good e-learning module has plenty of interactive features. So, there should be lots of quizzes, multimedia elements, and games in an effective e-learning program.

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