Thursday, 23 February 2017

More International Students Are Looking For a Career in Translation and Interpretation Services

Today, there are many students from all over the world who are keen in linguistics and want to utilize their language skills by taking up translating and interpreting as a full-fledged career in the future. Though interpreting and translating are terms that are often used interchangeably, these are two completely different career paths and both of them need separate skill sets. While a qualification in a particular language is preferable, interpreting and translating are fields that are open for graduates from different backgrounds with the needed language abilities.

Many international students prefer to make an entry to this industry through a postgraduate degree. While there is a host of opportunities to take up translation as a career without any qualification, for the interpreters, such a degree is still regarded as essential. 

If you gain higher qualifications, you can perfect and hone this highly skilled job and increase your chances of employability after completing your studies or can get more clients.

However, it is also possible to start working without any prior qualification or further studies. For instance, freelance translation jobs can be found with a translation agency or company. These agencies may give you a test sample to translate. Though you may not possess the same level of skills as an experienced translator, they may still find you adequately skilled for an entry level of job and give you basic documents for translation.

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