Sunday, 5 February 2017

Real Time Interpreters Can Help Extend the Reach of Your Next Industry Event

Simultaneous and real-time interpretation is today a popular industry service that can definitely rake any industry event to another league altogether. Such services are usually provided by an expert and experienced linguists who have the desired ability and skills to translate an ongoing speech from one foreign language into another. They do the entire interpretation in real-time.

Here is a perfect illustration of how real-time interpretation added an entirely new dimension to a broadcasting event. The president of a South American nation who spoke only Spanish was being interviewed by an American reporter in Manhattan, who was speaking in English. The interview was being arranged by a global television network.

Two interpreters sat in a different room in the president's consulate in New York. They had a video feed and a monitor so that they could see and hear the two speakers talking. While one of them did the translation for the president, the second person did it for the journalist. Both the journalist and the president had earpieces and receivers through which they could hear their respective interpretation.

This is a perfect example of all those scenarios where real-time interpretation is used to conduct multi-lingual live broadcasts.

For conducting a successful event of a similar nature, the interpreters should be highly skilled in real-life interpretation and should be able to handle pressure well.

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