Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Translation Mistakes That Can Cause Big Problems

There is no doubt that when translation is not done properly, it can lead to big problems. Here are some of the translation mistakes that can have a serious repercussion.

To exaggerate the meaning of some words

Many translators who have just started their career have a tendency to overdo their translation task since they are inexperienced to start with. Since they are at the beginning of their profession, they would naturally try to give the best possible performance. But, such things are not appreciated if the person is a professional translator. In order to translate a script effectively, the translators should not exaggerate with complex terms or technical words.

Inadequate communication skills

Some inexperienced translators could at times not be good communicators. These people ignore how important it is to engage in effective communication. This, in turn, may lead to poor translation. You must be aware that effective communication acts as a bridge between your customers and you.

The mistake of translating word by word

There are several translators who at times commit the mistake of translating exactly word by word. Any translator should interpret the original script into the target language in a style that it is intended.

Choice of wrong words

Novice translators sometimes tend to use vocabularies in an incorrect context. For instance, some words may not be translated in the target language. A beginner translator may also find it tough to distinguish between feminine and masculine nouns.

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