Monday, 20 March 2017

Three Latest Corporate Training Trends That Are In

Just a few years ago, many training experts had forecasted that business environments, technology, and people will be the latest key trends to drive the corporate training. And today, there is ample evidence that proves come these trends have become the game-changers for businesses that are ready to imbibe them in their training process.

Check out these three major trends in detail.


Today learners or participants want much more than before. In other words, employees today are more tuned to the advanced strategies and technologies. These people would prefer to attend responsive and sophisticated training modules incorporated into different mediums including social media, smart phones, web designs, and apps. This diary integration of branding, point-of-need messaging and learning have acted as a major change agent in the field of corporate training.

Business environment

This is another major driver and is highly relevant in today's corporate training programs. Today around 44 percent of service-oriented companies have started defining their performance metrics in advance. About 58 percent of these organizations have also started linking their employee engagement level to their business profitability 


This should be a tool used for creating effective and impactful corporate training program customized to the preferences of a learner. Today's learners are knowledgeable enough to anticipate that their major technologies should adjust to their reference habits and workflows instead of doing the reverse. This easy shift can help to handle the root training issues. Since there has been a significant shift in the media habits, backdated techniques will lead you disappointing outcomes.

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