Wednesday, 26 April 2017

All about Whispered Interpretation Services

In the case of a whispered interpretation, an interpreter sits right next to a person who needs to understand a foreign language. The job of the interpreter is to whisper and translate whatever is being said in a foreign language. In a Whispered interpretation, the interpretation happens almost in real-a time and there is no need for any type of special equipment. On the other, if the person for whom the interpretation is being done wants to speak the Whispering Interpreter has to speak on his or her behalf.

The goal of the Whispering Interpretation is to offer language support personally to a person within a group while not impacting the remaining group members. Since there is no need for any kind of special equipment, these interpreters can talk and walk and are apt for making site visits.

Scenarios where Whispering Interpretation are suitable

  • Overseas office or factory visit
  • When delegates participate in overseas group training course
  • Providing language support to an executive from a foreign country that has come down to attend a board meeting of the company. 
Important points to note:
  • An ideal situation for Whispering Interpretation is work on a one-to-one basis.
  • If a small group is coming for a site visit. It is alright to hire a single interpreter for many delegates.
  • But when there is a business meeting, it is recommended that every delegate has their own personal interpreter so that there is no disruption for the remaining delegates. 
  • When you suspect or are aware from beforehand that the said Whispering an Interpreter may have to be present during dinner time with the group, you need to intimate the sane while booking the facility.

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