Wednesday, 26 April 2017

How to overcome language barriers

Language barriers are the biggest barriers that corporates face while doing business. Imagine you are carrying out a business deal in China or in Singapore, you cannot master Mandarin to just win the business deal. This is when you need interpreters and translators to make the job easy for you.

Now the question is, from where you will get these interpreters and translator. International language giant, Globibo, specializes in language translation and interpretation. They not have skilled linguists but also design effective language courses to drive the culture of translation and bilingual and multilingual efficiency. 

With Globibo’s acquisition of the largest database for online learning media in March 2015, the company has taken a further leap towards ameliorating language barriers. This database houses more than 2000 audio, video, text and animation sources spanning over twenty different languages. Such a huge repository of assets will not only enhance the business transactions of Globibo’s existing clients by helping them with translations but will also help the students taking Globibo language courses have a better and more holistic knowledge base in the languages they are specializing in.

This application would reach out to everyone through Android and iOS applications and also web applications, making language barriers easy to break.

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