Wednesday, 26 April 2017

How to Select a Good Transcription School for Certification?

There are many institutes and organizations that offer certification courses for people who are aspiring to be transcriptionists. This is particularly true in the fields of legal and medical transcription. If an aspiring candidate can pass a good certified transcription course, he or she can get jobs in general transcription companies, government agencies, law firms, hospitals and doctor's offices. But there is no scarcity of transcription schools around you so naming a proper choice can be a bit baffling at times.

Here are a few criteria while deciding on a good transcription course:

Specialties of the program

If you are a prospective transcriptionist, you need to first make a decision on if you are interested in working in the legal or the medical field. Specialization is an important aspect since it enables the candidates to know more about their future work environment and also get familiar with the industry-specific codes or jar bond. Moreover, students in both these fields should be equipped with good proofreading and editing skills. These potential transcriptions lists should possess great typing proficiency though there may be variations in words per minutes required to pass or enroll in such a program.

Types of program

Is the institute offering a hybrid, classroom or an online course? Though some transcription certified programs could be entirely conducted online, some institutes may offer hybrid or classroom programs too. So, you need to decide whether you want to opt for an institute that provides self-guided training courses or through instructor to tell you at every stage of the course.

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