Monday, 3 April 2017

Secrets of Engaging Remote Meetings

Today, remote meetings have become an integral component of the workflow for organizations with an international or global presence. When the teams are based in different parts of the world, it makes sense to go for a remote meeting on several occasions. Your business may have an office in San Francisco, another in Boston and the third one in New York. There will be several occasions when the executives within the company need to work on common projects together and so meet via video conferencing or conference calls. A similar concept will be applicable when your company has one office in Tokyo and two executives who work from their respective homes. 

Here are a couple of secrets to make your remote meeting engaging and successful.

Rule 1: Do not compromise on the quality of online tools

When you want your remote meetings to be highly successful, there are three vital things you must remember. They are collaboration, feedback, and connection. When you take care of these three essentials, the engagement level of your participants will go up and the meetings will be productive. 

Rule 2: Be familiar with your tools and always have an alternative plan ready

It is possible that you are aware of how to switch on a video camera or send the meeting code to all the participants before the remote meeting begins. But if you also learn the hardware and software well, it is easier to use the meeting tools more effectively so that problem if any can be resolved fast.

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