Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Tips for Effective Proofreading

If your web content looks sloppy and full of grammatical mistakes, your site can create a bad impression on your existing and potential customers. Here are a few dimple tips for effective proofreading.

Backward proofreading is helpful

You need to start from the end of your document and then go backward, checking line by line. This methodology will compel you to closely check the surface elements.

Get familiar with your usual mistakes

Prior to proofreading, go back to your past articles or documents. Create a list of all such mistakes that you make often. 

At one time, proofread only a particular type of mistake

Once you are aware that your most common problem is the usage of comma, check the article for that problem. Then go back and start proofreading the next most common error. Give some space between the completion of your writing and proofreading

For instance, after you complete writing, you can take a break of say 20 minutes and then start the proofreading process, 

Choose a time even you are most alert

Do the proofreading at a time when you are most active and alert so that the job is accomplished well. 

You should proofread the article loudly once

The method will make you aware the distinction between what you intended to write and the actual content.

Read the content many times

Go through the document multiple times. For instance, the first time you can check for spellings, the second time for punctuation and so on.

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