Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Why Self-Publishing Is So Popular

Today There are several reasons why self-publishing has garnered a lot of popularity in the recent times. Here are some of those top reasons.

Self-publishing, particularly e-publishing appears to be beneficial from the monetary viewpoint There was a time even ten years ago when people who wanted to self-publish had to spend several thousands of dollars to get their works printed, this prospect scared many and they avoided self-publishing. But the scenario has completely changed in the present times. Today, an increasing number of writers are opting for self-publishing as it is much more financially viable.

Another interesting reason for the popularity of self-publishing today is that you need not worry or feel pressurized about what is trending or popular or follow a particular genre as publishers will. Not be able to influence you when you self-publish.

The third reason for its popularity us that the media has started recognizing and acknowledging the self-publishers today. Though at times there is a stigma attached to self-publishing that the writer may not have devoted adequate time to edit or improve their content, a large number of recent success stories outweigh such apprehensions thus creating an in trend in today's writing and publishing world.

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