Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Facts about Freelance Interpreters

In the recent times, the hiring of independent contractors or freelancers as interpreters by companies has been quite a controversial topic of discussion. Know some of the following facts about freelance interpreters.

Fact 1: The business for remote interpreting has witnessed an annual growth.

This also means that there will be more work for freelance interpreters as compared to the past. As more and more companies are on the path of globalization, the requirement of language services has grown by leaps and bounds. The freelance interpreters work with language service organizations and get a chance to be associated with different types of companies and businesses from across the globe. 

Fact 2: Freelance interpreters are their own boss

Independent contractors and freelance interpreters operate their own businesses. These people have the liberty to work in their ways and as per their timings. Convenient times and can negotiate their payment the way they want.

Fact 3: About 93 percent of the total translators and interpreters are found to be independent contractors.

The reasons for the whopping percentage are many. Freelance interpreters have the liberty to create and follow their own schedules. They also gave the liberty to pick up their own assignments. There are some who take up the job of freelancing interpreters since they did not get hired as full time or in-house employees.


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