Monday, 5 June 2017

Use of AI in Events

As technology advances fast, the importance of AI or Artificial Intelligence has increased by leaps and bounds. Today, many organizations are using AI to make their events even more powerful and successful.

Events and Artificial Intelligence

As mentioned above, today AI is playing significant roles in corporate events. There are several new innovations being made in the field of AI that is making lives of the event manager simpler. Some of these merits include automation in attendee matching, check-ins, advanced reporting on attendees and automated scheduling.

Deep learning

It is an important bridge to close the gap between your business value and big data. It is a technique that can be deployed for gathering and learning from different types of data such as video, photo, and voice. That is generated by your event. When you have the right same at your disposal, deep learning can come handy in predicting the manner in which attendees in your event are likely to respond in a certain scenario.

Including concierge apps

These apps have proved to be an important game changer for the event management professionals.  Concierge apps use AI to enable the participants to get the maximum utility from any event. It acts like a personal assistant in events for the attendees and helps them to seek out and get connected to the right kind of resources and people.


This is an area where AI is being used extensively to manage events. AI Chatbots have actually become quite common. When an AI element gets added to your event support team, some of the most common and simple issues can be sorted out rapidly with o human interaction. 

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