Friday, 30 June 2017

Writing Easy To Localize Content

Localization should be planned from the beginning. If follows that if you plan to get your website or documentation overhauled, factor in the design elements and the internationalization right away.

Do note that such content can be restrictive for your copywriters. However, localization of content will optimize workflow and reduce costs. Your margin for error will be minimized. It is not hard to localize your content. It is simply banishment of colloquial or colorful language from the source, Remove anything which is unnecessary or ambiguous.

Incorporate SEO best practices

You must work on the readability of the content. The user experience must be pleasurable. Include local region specific keywords. The writing team should preferably follow a two percent keyword density. The metadata, and H1, H2 are also important. Slash the long sentences. Remove passive voice. Maximize the number of paragraphs. Remove unnecessary adverbs.

Space is vital

Do not go for an essay while explaining your services and products. Your customers are loath to know your company history and the pain you go through to source your materials. The writing should be to point. Keep content short and sweet. Remember that customers have no interest in knowing the product

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