Monday, 31 July 2017

Maximizing Your Remote Meeting Creativity

Are you using your conference rooms in the most productive manner? If not, here are some simple tips to ensure that your conferences are more productive as well as there is the maximization of creativity.

Make sure that the sharing of your remote presentation is secure and simple

According to a report, over forty-three percent of the employees stated that they worked remotely last year. The percentage of employees rocking remotely has been rising steadily. Even organizations agree that when they offer work to their remote employees, they have witnessed the increase in employee morale and efficiency. If a presentation is being showcased, displaying the relevant information in the conference room's big screen and online can be a big challenge as remote employees who are not present there physically are able to view it digitally and in a secure manner.

Cables, software, and hardware for connecting online

It can be really frustrating when all the participants are present in a conference hall for kick starting the meeting but the necessary cable goes missing all of a sudden, the availability of USB camera was overlooked or the online meeting is out of sync. In order to make sure that such omissions do not occur, your conference room should be well-equipped in advance for online connectivity. It should be also ensured that you are prepared for any type of contingencies.

Key Steps for Self-Publishing

Here are some simple and easy steps to make sure that you do the right things when it is all about publishing your own book.

You need to do a thorough research

Before you complete the first draft of the manuscript, it is imperative for you to do your research and find out what market is suitable for selling your book.

Finish the first rough draft

You should then work towards completing your manuscript's draft. For some authors, this process may take several months or years.

Look out for an editor

You need to next hunt for a professional and experienced content and copy editor, someone with whom you are likely to share an amicable working chemistry.

Finish your final draft

Peruse through your readers' feedback as well as feedback from your editor, content reviewers, and fact checkers do that your final draft is as good as possible.

Gather a team

There should be experienced professionals in your team specializing in fields of editing, illustrations, design, and layout and so on.

Designing a catchy cover

An attractive book cover matters a lot as are as catching the attraction of your potential readers is concerned. So you should hire a professional and experienced designer.

Get set for self-publishing

Your product is now all set to go to retail. This signifies that you now have to self-publish your final product.

Why Multiple Language Skills Are Good For Any Business?

Have you ever thought why many organizations prefer to recruit manpower that is skilled in more than one language? Here are some of the benefits of having employees with multiple language skills.

Full-time employees who are skilled in more than one language can win more clients

While there are several companies that depend on freelancing translators, it is found that when businesses hire dedicated language translators, they end up having stronger and better relationship with their clients. In fact, the bond becomes so strong that a business starts receiving more work through personal recommendations. Knowing multiple languages not only improves communication but it also means getting familiar with a new and different culture. There are some businesses who even consider hiring only that manpower who are skilled in a second language. The business growth can often have a direct relationship, with the teams' multilingual skills. This is especially true when a business has many multinational clients, a When an employee is able to have a proper and effective communication with a native speaking person, a business can be conducted more efficiently and faster even across complex and large markets.

Is helpful for employees to learn more

Fluency in a foreign language does not only come from passing a course successfully. There are some translation companies that encourage their employees to speak in a foreign language with each other so that they have higher fluency over that language.

Merits of Custom Elearning in Corporate Training

When you provide effective eLearning courses to your employees, a single training solution can never take care of all types of problems faced at the workplace. Although off-the-shelf and prebuilt training courses are cheaper in the short-run, they may not yield the highest return on your investment. Moreover, they may not be adequate for the most appropriate fit as per the specific knowledge or skills needed by your business. Here are some of the top merits of custom eLearning solutions for your organization.

Reliable and meaningful content

When you get a custom eLearning solution for your company, the training module can be linked to your real-life scenarios so that trainees can relate to the content easily and it is meaningful. Moreover, such learning can be easily applicable to the employees on their jobs.

Proper alignment with brand image and values

When you avail a custom eLearning training module, you get a greater opportunity to make your brand values and image stronger. For instance, your eLearning module can come with the company logo and color so that it is instantly identifiable as your organization's asset. The content can be designed in a manner so that it reflects the values of your company. Moreover, a custom eLearning course can prove to be cost-effective in the long run.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Remote Meetings Can Make Your Small Business Global

There has been a massive in tease in the percentage of remote employees in the United States of America from 39 percent in 2012 to about 43 percent in 2016. Looking at the data, the owners of small businesses should start giving more importance to remote work and especially remote meetings that can make them truly global. 

Working remotely means talent

There are various small businesses that can bring up gradation in their existing talent and thus look bigger and become global through their remote workers. Small businesses need to have a proper strategy on remote working even when it is not yet distributed entirely. Ideally, your strategy of remote work should evolve early. When you start your business with only 2 workers, it is simpler to begin remote work. 

Irrespective of the office bring physical or digital, communication is extremely important

While chat programs may be used as a substitute for physical meetings, they do not work out as well as remote meetings through video conferencing do. However, for the better effectiveness of remote meetings, you should arrange them at common working hours as remote employees may be following different time-zones. You can use online utilities like Zoom conferencing for conducting your remote meetings. Thus, it is better to shift the focus the meetings from physical to digital one.

Mistakes to Avoid while Managing a Remote Team

Does your business have remote teams? In case your company has them, you must be aware that their degree of productivity depends on your capability to manage them to a large extent. And you will agree that it is quite easy to 'manage' a remote team ineffectively or lose track of how they are performing. So, here are a few mistakes that should be avoided when you manage your remote teams. 

The performance of your remote team is not managed properly

Since a part of your workforce is operating from remote sites, they will require inspiration from you. Scheduling performance review meets and motivation has immense importance when it comes to the performance of the remote employees and the overall productivity. 

Not getting in touch with your remote workforce daily

When you get in touch with your remote teams daily, it is a way of showing them that you value their work and are interested in how they are working. It is also an indication for them that they have someone to seek support from. You can schedule the first day of the week for such touch points through remote meetings. 

Not providing weekly feedback

While feedback is crucial for all, it is even more important when you have remote teams.  In case you do not have a system of weekly feedback in place, start having it as soon as possible. You will get valuable 

Things to Know For Self-Publishing a Book

If you are interested in self-publishing your work but want to know more about it, this discussion will definitely be an eye-opener for you.

Self-publishing is not a difficult task

While self-publishing your print book is simple, doing the same for an e-book is even simpler. You can select your desired size for the book and then do formatting of your manuscript in Word so that it fits that size and then convert the doc file in PDF format. Thereafter an attractive cover page can be created by using Photoshop and again convert it into PDF format. Finally, upload the book to your preferable self-publisher. You can get a proof of your book within a fortnight by latest in case you were successful in doing the formatting correctly. Changes if any can then be added to the new PDFs. 

Rather than print version, digital self-publishing should be your preferred bet

In case, you have created a text-based book i.e., one without any pictures, illustrations or graphics and want to try out self-publishing, it is better to opt for an e-book before migrating to hard or printed copies. However, having said so, you can do self-publishing through both digital and print media

Is Empathy Training the Latest in Corporate Training Module?

Many HR experts will tell you that a business cannot survive and grow without the presence of empathetic leaders. According to a study conducted by Businessolver, 92 percent of the employees and 98 percent of the human resource professionals believe that when employers are empathetic, the employee retention rate also improves. So, it is hardly surprising that today, corporate training modules are giving immense focus on this topic. When organizations try to develop a new generation of future leaders to run the show, they need to go beyond the industry norms for relevant training material. 

It is a known fact that a majority of the college graduates are not equipped with the skills which will prepare them to do things like collaboration and teamwork. These young workers should get the training in such soft skills from their older colleagues. This needs a thorough understanding of other people as well as self. Only those employees who know how to establish a connection with other colleagues can succeed, others become sad and feel alienated. In most of the workplaces today, low level of employee engagement is one of the major problems. The most thrilling aspect of including empathy training in corporate training programs is it enables the participating employees to start thinking in a newer way.