Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Is Empathy Training the Latest in Corporate Training Module?

Many HR experts will tell you that a business cannot survive and grow without the presence of empathetic leaders. According to a study conducted by Businessolver, 92 percent of the employees and 98 percent of the human resource professionals believe that when employers are empathetic, the employee retention rate also improves. So, it is hardly surprising that today, corporate training modules are giving immense focus on this topic. When organizations try to develop a new generation of future leaders to run the show, they need to go beyond the industry norms for relevant training material. 

It is a known fact that a majority of the college graduates are not equipped with the skills which will prepare them to do things like collaboration and teamwork. These young workers should get the training in such soft skills from their older colleagues. This needs a thorough understanding of other people as well as self. Only those employees who know how to establish a connection with other colleagues can succeed, others become sad and feel alienated. In most of the workplaces today, low level of employee engagement is one of the major problems. The most thrilling aspect of including empathy training in corporate training programs is it enables the participating employees to start thinking in a newer way.


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