Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Things to Know For Self-Publishing a Book

If you are interested in self-publishing your work but want to know more about it, this discussion will definitely be an eye-opener for you.

Self-publishing is not a difficult task

While self-publishing your print book is simple, doing the same for an e-book is even simpler. You can select your desired size for the book and then do formatting of your manuscript in Word so that it fits that size and then convert the doc file in PDF format. Thereafter an attractive cover page can be created by using Photoshop and again convert it into PDF format. Finally, upload the book to your preferable self-publisher. You can get a proof of your book within a fortnight by latest in case you were successful in doing the formatting correctly. Changes if any can then be added to the new PDFs. 

Rather than print version, digital self-publishing should be your preferred bet

In case, you have created a text-based book i.e., one without any pictures, illustrations or graphics and want to try out self-publishing, it is better to opt for an e-book before migrating to hard or printed copies. However, having said so, you can do self-publishing through both digital and print media


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