Sunday, 27 August 2017

All About Briefing an Interpreter for an Event's Success

It is a known and established fact that interpreters who have been briefed well definitely do a better job. Your conference or an event's purpose may be highly relevant to the topic. While most of an event related information could be existing in some form or the other, you need to ascertain that the interpreting team has them at their disposal in advance. In fact, you can be certain of better delivery and more accuracy when you provide adequate information to the team much ahead.

So, what are the important points to be shared with your interpreting team?


You should provide the interpreting team all those documents that are available in advance.
Some of the key background documents are as follows:
  • Earlier minutes and agendas
  • Agenda of the meeting
  • Vocabulary and glossary lists
  • Provide speeches or presentations to be made by speakers in advance
  • Script of the Master of Ceremony or timeline
  • Resume of speakers
  • Abstracts of speeches or presentations
  • Any other documents that will be taken up at the event for discussion

Briefing session

You should organize a proper Question & Answer session for your interpreting team, especially when a specialized subject will be discussed. You should specify if you require any additional security measures like an immediate return of documents, immediate deletion, and encryption.

In case your company features a distinct culture with special job titles, a short introductory talk to the team will be useful.

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