Thursday, 30 November 2017

Steps to become a successful professional interpreter

Follow the steps below to work as a successful professional interpreter in the language translation industry.

1. Get yourself certified from a reputable language institute

The first step to become a language interpreter is to get a relevant certification or accreditation from a good professional institute or a university. When you have the credentials with you, there is evidence that you have the necessary professional interpretation or translation skills in a particular language.

2. Appear for tests

It is an important step to build your resume wherein you appear in certain language proficiency tests and clear them. These proficiency tests demonstrate your fluency in a particular foreign language to the potential clients. 

3. Get relevant work experience

Your next step will be to gain adequate experience. Everyone has to start their professional career by undergoing internships or getting into entry-level jobs so that they can put their best foot forward and climb the corporate ladder. Even the language translation industry is not an exception to this rule.

4. You need to market your skills

Many interpreters and translators work on a contractual basis for their clients. You can start your own blog or a website to market your unique services and also join online communities of language professionals. You need to also ensure that your rates and resume are ready. 

5. Continue with your learning process

Throughout your progress as a language interpreter/translator, you need to keep a tab on a number of other relevant matters. You should be constantly updated about the latest industry trends for example. 

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