Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Why Should An Employee Dress Well Even During Online Remote Meetings?

Many researchers claim that how an employee dresses up has a big impact on their work ethic and attitude on the basis of their studies conducted. It also means that employees need to reconsider their dress codes during office hours.

Dressing style has an impact on cognitive style

A study conducted at California State University and Northridge, Columbia inferred that clothing has a big influence on people's ability and thoughts. It has an impact on how other people (co-workers and prospects) perceive you as well as how you perceive yourself. Studies have also demonstrated that workers feel more productive, trustworthy and authoritative while they were dressed in business suits since it gives an impression of forcefulness and aggression.

Thus, dressing up formally for an online remote meeting or a video conference should improve your level of confidence. It will also help the audience to consider you as a thorough professional. You need to create a good impression in remote or online meetings.

The way you dress up in your online meetings will depend on the kind of impact you want to create. It should depend on the kind of psychological perception your audience should have. For instance, address shirt will be a great choice for creatives as well as professionals.


Why Does Corporate Training Through E-Learning Work?

Today eLearning has emerged as a major instructional mechanism in different fields. Irrespective of whether an employer wants to train their new recruits about the different organization policies, on new equipment or machines or instructing the students, it has become immensely valuable to develop employee skills as well as is useful for further worker engagement.

Employees need to spend about 40 to 60 percent less time in learning as compared to classroom training

The reason for this is quite simple. Corporate training programs use asynchronous eLearning modules to train their employees. Employees do not have to stop their regular workflows and sit through a classroom session. Rather, eLearning modules can be completed at their own comfortable pace, schedule, and own terms. Thus, time can be saved and the overall expenses of a corporate training can come down significantly.

eLearning can increase the engagement level of employees by about 18 percent

Corporate training through eLearning can offer your employees an excellent way to establish a connection with your organization. These modules are online and they do not disrupt the normal workflows of your employees. Additionally, they can participate in the training in a more active manner and thereby show increased engagement level with your business.


Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Ways Of Speaking To A Multilingual Audience

Organizing international meetings is a must for several companies as part of their business operations. In fact, they have been doing it for many years and are professionals in hosting these meetings now.

However, there are some businesses who could be hosting such a multilingual or multicultural meeting for the first time or very rarely. For them, the entire experience could be like swimming in deep waters. There could be several challenges before these businesses in the form of appealing to the right set of audiences and hosting the event in a way, which makes these attendants feel accepted and welcome. Read on to know how to speak to your multilingual audience effectively.

Program Committee

Are you working with a certain committee for deciding the program of your corporate event? Then make sure that the committee represents the population you are hoping will be present.


You should make it a point to hire speakers specifically from the nations you anticipate will be present. By doing so, you are actually adding a greater level of connection and familiarity for attendees in your conference who belong to other nations. It also enables you to benefit from their marketing initiatives and attract additional participants to your meeting.

Simultaneous Interpretation

You should also offer simultaneous interpretation services for main presentations as well as keynotes in the major languages that are understood by the participants.


Building A Cloud Based Corporate Training System

It is important to point out at the outset that there are some basic differences between desktop training and training modules that are based on cloud computing. The most prominent distinction is that cloud based training modules are independent of operating systems. As a result, such training modules can not only be accessed through a Mac computer but you can also access then over the Windows, iOS or Android faded tablet devices and mobile phones.

To put it quite simply, a modern e-Learning course module needs to adhere to three major criteria. These are ability to be accessed over the cloud, be visual-heavy and should be compatible with mobile interfaces. Many cloud-based training programs that are available in the market usually fulfil the above-mentioned criteria. Such tools are typically subscription based. Plus, these learning management systems are usually more popular among medium and small-sized businesses as there is no need to install software and are usually just plug-and-play.

However, you need to also know that most LMS tools based on cloud computing are less flexible as far as customization is concerned. As such, you will have less chances to personalize such a tool's dashboard or include own branding.

A second focus area while creating a training module based on cloud is to setup delivery. Based on the kind of lessons to be delivered, a training program may have to be broadcasted at real-time.


Thursday, 11 January 2018

What is the Job of a Simultaneous Interpreter?

If you want to build up your career as a good simultaneous interpreter, knowing two different languages is not adequate. In fact, it is equally important that the interpreter is proficient about the subject matter. How much time is sufficient to get ready for a simultaneous interpretation assignment may vary from individual to individual.

Say an interpreter has two different simultaneous interpretation assignments on the same day, one from eight in the morning to noon and another from two in the afternoon to six pm. There will be various factors that will determine how much time an interpreter will require getting ready for a meeting. These factors may include the total time for preparation, whether they already have some knowledge of the topic, how responsible they are and so on.

It is extremely crucial for a simultaneous interpreter to have existing knowledge of the conference or the topic so that they can perform well. Merely knowing the topics of the day will not suffice; they should be prepared with the vocabulary of every individual event. After all, there is always a possibility that certain terms may pop up in the event, which may not be present even in the source language. The client or the employers also expect that their simultaneous interpreters only speak about matters they are familiar or proficient about. An interpreter can get ready by making use of documents and speeches for a particular meeting, specialized journals, newspapers, the Internet and so on.

Mastering the Skill of Communicating with Remote Teams

There is no such thing called the divine intervention as far as achieving seamless communication among team members is concerned. It is indeed an art when a manager is able to take some strategic steps to establish a conducive infrastructure for supporting excellent teamwork. 

Getting the right set of tools

There is nothing better than creative collaboration and team bonding. It is definitely possible for the remote teams to build the same kind of relationship as local teams by embracing a good remote tool for video communications such as join.me, Zoom or Skype. 

Synchronous communication

Today, chat software has become a major game changer for the various remote teams. You will find a host of different choices including Slack. Begin by establishing a tool for synchronous communication so that these team members may enjoy instant access for discussion and get their queries answered on time rather than resorting to emails and waiting for hours to get a revert.

Having a proper roadmap

Remote teams should know what every team member is doing and how the projects look like on various stages. If there is no proper planning tool or a roadmap, a manager may get stuck in meetings lasting for several hours. 

Same calendar tool should be used

The remote team members should follow a common calendar tool to schedule meetings within the team. Irrespective of whether the team members decide to use Fantastical or the Google Calendar, each team.