Monday, 18 April 2022

How Human Translators Can Collaborate With Machine Translation for Better Quality Results?

Digital technologies are always evolving and changing. New solutions emerge every day. Translation industry is not immune to these changes. New technologies like machine translation, translation memory systems and content management systems are changing the way translation process is handled. These solutions have led to faster and more economical translation works. At the same time, they are yet to become a substitute for human translation. Presently, they remain complementary and assistive technologies for the translators and the people in need of translation.

Machine yet to Replace Humans

There are many reasons why machines are unlikely to replace humans in the translation industry. Some of these reasons include:

  • AI is yet to achieve perfection in translation
  • Machines cannot figure out the nuances of cultural, local and regional sentiments
  • They are machinelike rigid and cannot communicate the emotion of a speech correctly
  • They cannot modify the original speech/text to make it easy to understand for the target listener/reader

Collaborating with the Machines for Translation Works

Machines have their use in various translation applications. They are best when used to supplement the human translation works. Translators can improve their productivity and quality of translation by using such tools. The accuracy of translated text or speech can be improved with the help of these solutions.

Human translators working with Globibo offer high quality translation services. They use latest machine translation solutions to deliver accurate results.

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