Tour Guide Systems

Tour Guide Systems

Tour Guide Systems

A professional Tour Guide System is a great starting point for presenters that wish to ensure their visitors understand every word. A professional Trip counselor System is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor tours of any venue. Our Trip counselor Solutions cover a broad spectrum of different options for small or larger events.

Tour Guide Systems is a useful tool to improve communication with a group of people during roaming events. We provide different Tour Guide System Solution options and to ensure we provide the right option, please find below the basic technical setup.

1. Tour Guide System Definition
Combination of a mobile audio transmitter used by the presenter/speaker(s) to make sure that the attendees/visitors (tour) are able to understand the audio via a mobile receiver.
2. Purpose of the Trip Guide system
The System is used to support mobile tours and to overcome potential background noise. It can also be used for multilingual content delivery during small events.
3. Components of Tour Guide System
A Tour counselor System consists of a mobile Audio Transmitter with an integrated microphone, a set of wireless receivers with headsets, and charging solutions.
4. Use of Tour Guide system
Tour Guide System can be used for indoor and outdoor events, conferences, and touring events. Globibo’s Trip counselor Systems are small and portable making it very user-friendly.
5. Use of Tour counselor system in Tourism Activities
In tourism, the tour counselor plays a very important role as he/she will guide visitors by providing information and explanation on matters relating to history, archaeology, works of arts, culture, places of interest, current affairs, etc. which may promote the country for the purpose of tourism. A trip counselor is a “frontline” whose job is to make visitors feel welcome. A “skilled” trip counselor should be conversant in the language of the country, and if possible in other languages too. In addition, their level of general knowledge of the country should be vast to be able to address any questions posed by visitors.

Globibo's Tour Guide solutions cover a broad spectrum of different options for small or larger mobile events.


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